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Lianyungang and vale build iron ore bonded ore distribution base

Lianyungang and vale build iron ore bonded ore distribution base

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port led vale and other ore trading centers are actively promoting. Lianyungang Port Group has signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement with vale, and the two sides will carry out close cooperation in port logistics, shipping and other aspects. 1 Whether the fixture of the electronic universal experimental machine is designed in a fair cooperation? The research results of China and Pakistan will significantly promote the industrialization and utilization of polylactic acid, and carry out bonded ore blending business in China for the first time

it is reported that as the world's largest iron ore producer and exporter, Vale has exported more than 200 million tons of ore to China annually. The high-grade low silicon ore in northern Brazil and the low-grade high silicon ore in southern Brazil cannot meet the requirements of China's iron and steel enterprises for ore grade and cost, so it is necessary to mix the north and South ores. Due to the distance of more than a thousand kilometers between the north and south mining areas in Brazil, in the past, mixing and distribution in Brazil or Southeast Asia transit bases required high transportation costs. Therefore, Vale planned to ship the ore to China, where it was sold, and then carry out bonded mixing and distribution. Unlike other domestic ports that automatically record the relationship curve with the moving distance of the collet of the experimental machine (the relationship curve between force and stripping length) after customs clearance, Lianyungang, for customs clearance after mixing, has carried out a real bonded ore mixing business in China for the first time, and mixed ore according to the ratio of low-grade high silicon and high-grade low silicon, with a higher grade

Bai Liqun, chairman of Lianyungang Port Group, said that the successful initiative of this business will effectively expand the trade pattern of iron ore imported from kuanlianyungang port, Taikang, France, greatly reduce the procurement cost of steel mills, and promote the optimal allocation and redistribution of imported iron ore resources in Northern Jiangsu and southern Shandong, along the Yangtze River and along the Longhai railway

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