Liaoyang Petrochemical has developed a new film gr

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Liaoyang Petrochemical has developed a new product of film grade special polyester chip

on December 17, good news came from Liaoyang Petrochemical Company. After more than one year of technical research, the company successfully developed polyester SABIC for polyester film. SABIC will also make a keynote speech on this forum. After users' trial, the experimental force of the qualified sample in DuPont is as small as a few 10 centinewtons (such as spandex yarn for textile), making it a new product that can replace imports

since 2014, Liaoyang Petrochemical, which has an annual polyester production capacity of 300000 tons and is marching into the high-end market, has partially transformed an existing 100000 ton/year polyester production line on the basis of the successful development of bottle grade polyester and PETG copolyester in the early stage. After the start-up of the revamped unit at the end of October this year, Liaoyang Petrochemical Company Limited tackled many technological conditions and produced polyester chips for polyester film. So far, Liaoyang Petrochemical has formed a product layout of "three lines" of bottle grade polyester, PETG copolyester and optical grade polyester film special materials, which has revitalized the polyester industry chain and created a new economic growth point

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