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2019 China customer experience Innovation Conference: Liao daili's speech

the 2019 China customer experience innovation conference hosted by CTI forum was grandly opened at Westin Hotel, Yitian, Shenzhen on October 17. The theme of this meeting is to create the ultimate experience and stimulate infinite possibilities. This meeting was strongly supported by Shenzhen call center industry association. Ms. Liao daili, President of Shenzhen call center industry association, addressed the conference

see the official of the conference:

figure: liaodaili, President of Shenzhen call center industry association

Dear Secretary General Hu, dear president Qin, leaders, industry experts, dear member friends:

good morning, everyone

director Hu just mentioned that CTI forum and Shenzhen call center industry association have held a national annual customer experience conference in Shenzhen for the third consecutive year. On behalf of the host, I would like to welcome you to Shenzhen, a leading demonstration area in the harvest season of spring and autumn. Shenzhen is an innovative, energetic and warm city. Through 40 years of reform and opening up, this city has developed from a small fishing village in the border to today. I came to Shenzhen in the early 1980s. I can be said to be a witness and a pioneer. I am really filled with emotion along the way

I would like to take this opportunity to share with you the strategic path related to the industry proposed by the state to Mr. Dui demonstration zone: first, support Shenzhen in building 5g, artificial intelligence, cyberspace science and technology, life information and other major innovation carriers; Second, build a high-level public cultural service system and a modern cultural industry system; Third, by 2025, the public service level and ecological environment quality of Shenzhen will reach the international advanced level, and will be built into a modern, international and innovative city. That is the theme we will discuss today. In terms of improving customer perception and creating a more extreme experience, Shenzhen will try first. I believe that more excellent enterprises will be produced in Shenzhen, and more industry benchmark enterprises will gather in Shenzhen to jointly build a leading demonstration zone

director Hu just introduced the data of the development of many industries. From the situation of the call center industry in the past two years, my personal feeling is that the country pays more and more attention to our industry, or our industry is becoming more and more prominent; In the early years, many people didn't know the call center very well when talking to people outside the industry. Now, according to the national plan for the petrochemical industry base and the idea of going out to compete, more people know that our industry

with the increase of popularity, the harassment, fraud and other negative effects in our industry have become the industry's criticism. How can we regulate our business and establish a more positive image in society? Let everyone feel that our industry, such an important industry for the development of modern service industry in the future? There is an urgent need for exchanges and discussions between industries

this era is changing too fast. In the past, call centers with thousands of people, we hoped that they would answer customers' questions in a consistent way. We do knowledge base and quality inspection training to answer questions in a neat and consistent manner like machines. But what is the direction of our efforts today? It is hoped that our machines will be more like people, more personalized, more warm and more understanding of people

in addition, let me have more feelings. At the conference last month, when many of our enterprises were classifying customer groups according to certain rules, our vice president unit, the credit card customer service center of China CITIC Bank, had applied the process of thousands of people and thousands of faces.

when everyone was keen on using machines to divert human services and reduce human costs, our governing unit, the customer service center of Weizhong bank, was open to a small number of hearing-impaired people The deaf mute group can display and record the experimental data in real time, and print the sign language operation service with video set on the door. I was very moved to watch this service video of Weizhong. While vigorously promoting the improvement of service efficiency, excellent enterprises in our industry are also constantly improving the customer experience and providing more humanized and more personal services. 1. The purchase of experimental machine services has not reached the promised sex and more warm customer service

this is the new power that the times constantly give us, and the times also let us constantly think and innovate. In this rapidly changing era, we need more industry exchanges and industry collisions to make our industry go further, better and healthier

the heart industry association is a public welfare organization established in 2010 with the approval of Shenzhen Civil Affairs Bureau due to the impact of business replacement and consolidation period, homogeneous docking of upstream and downstream customers, market competition and other factors. Many member units here have witnessed our growth. Our association basically has a general meeting every month, and has provided more than 100 large-scale thematic summits to member units. More than 90 benchmark enterprises have taken member units to visit, and the region of study extends to overseas, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Mainland China. We hope that such a platform can provide you with more industry information and industry exchanges. All our summit activities are free of charge for public welfare

this year, the association and the Rogers University team in the United States will release a two-year research report, "new technology, new business, new customer service", which mainly reflects the proportion of artificial intelligence in enterprises in different industries and call centers, as well as the objective and subjective feelings in the actual application of artificial intelligence. The association will also hold NPs workshops this year, so you can pay attention to the official account and the relevant notices of the association

finally, I wish the conference a complete success and a happy day in Shenzhen! Thank you

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