Lianpu plan of the most popular zhaoyue sincerely

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In order to meet the large demand of the market for Shanghai Zhaoying to build a fair and orderly market competition environment, the "Lianpu plan" of zhaoyue sincere recruitment agency has increased the market share of the company's products; Shanghai zhaoyue takes resource sharing, common development, mutual benefit and win-win as the guiding ideology, and the business philosophy of integrity, cooperation, harmony and win-win, so as to reduce the noise and recruit regional and industrial sales agents according to the situation

the joint spectrum plan is launched to combine the advantages of all parties and win each other's movement; Seek common development with people with lofty ideals in society

II. Strategic objectives:

a. free from the influence of coolant, smooth oil and other harmful materials

by 2017

through long-term cooperation with agents, the following objectives will be achieved:

1. Improve the share of national brands in the domestic market, and cooperate with the national strategic deployment of information security

2. Realize a more refined market layout of zhaoyue products, optimize the sales channels of zhaoyue industrial communication products, and strengthen the establishment of Shanghai zhaoyue's leading position in the field of industrial communication

3. Take advantage of the existing platform of zhaoyue, make full use of the advantageous resources of partners, and achieve the multiplier effect of one plus one greater than two

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