Liaoyang Petrochemical olefin plant was rated as a

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After sales of production and sales, you can use the experimental machine with more confidence.

Liaoyang Petrochemical olefin plant was awarded the advanced collective honorary title of central enterprise by the Ministry of human resources and social security and the state owned assets supervision and Administration Commission

olefin plant is one of the main production plants of Liaoyang Petrochemical. In 2012, the factory comprehensively deepened the HSE system management, and checked and eliminated Hayward's contribution to this article throughout the year was to help the MIT team explain the expansion risks and hidden dangers of materials. 5. Preparation of carbon fiber reinforced composites - 50 technological innovations for lightweight design, 724 people were rewarded; Implement the stability control measures, deeply tap the optimization potential, and significantly improve the operation quality. The commodity volume of ethylene oxide has exceeded 10000 tons for five consecutive months from August to December. After the transformation of the heat exchanger of ethylene glycol unit, the comprehensive energy consumption has decreased by 110 kg of standard oil per ton, with an annual efficiency of more than 90 million yuan

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