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Liugong model worker liaoguofeng: make the "smart manufacturing stage" broader

Liugong model worker liaoguofeng: make the "smart manufacturing stage" broader

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Guide: in the afternoon of September 9, in the structural workshop of the large machinery plant of Liugong loader business department, autonomous region model worker Liao Guofeng was leading two post-90s apprentices to play with a big guy: on the same day, two young men wanted to learn the operation of welding robots, Command the mechanical arm to find the welding points on the parts. Here, there is a special

in the afternoon of September 9, in the structural workshop of the large machine factory of Liugong loader business department, the model worker liaoguofeng of the autonomous region was leading two "post-90s" apprentices to play with a "big guy": on the same day, the two young men were going to learn the operation of welding robots and direct the mechanical arm to find welding spots on parts. Here, there is a specially opened "liaoguofeng (model worker) Innovation Studio". The studio only has dozens of square meters of brainstorming and concerted efforts in this rich 72 hour seminar, but the "intelligent manufacturing stage" it has built is very broad

the studio was only listed in August this year, and it is also Liugong's second studio named after workers. There are not only workshop directors, technical consultants, assistant to the president of the company, but also technical masters from front-line workers. Liaoguofeng is a worker technical expert who came out of the front line. After graduating from the technical school in 1993, he entered Liugong and worked as an electric welder for more than ten years

although he has rich experience in front-line production, there has been a problem that has plagued liaoguofeng for many years, "design and production are easy to get 'wrong'!" Liaoguofeng said that in the past, due to lack of production experience, the technicians in charge of design could not meet the requirements of the designed parts, and the workers could not use them. Although the front-line workers had experience, they did not understand the design, and the suggestions put forward could not be well used by the technicians to strengthen the plastic

"blue collar and white collar integration" has become an urgent problem to be solved. In the studio, training college students and technicians to learn basic welding technology and on-site production practice is an important content. Mai Xianxing, an assistant engineer, is a college student apprentice of Liao Guofeng. This young man who graduated from southwestjiaotonguniversity often went to the workshop with Liao Guofeng to "walk on the scene" and soon benefited from it. For example, a steel plate on the frame that needs to be welded at both ends may shrink by 2mm after welding, which is only 2mm, but it is a great process error. After knowing the situation by "going to the site", he relaxed the process size of the steel plate by a length, and the size after welding just met the standard

the training of front-line workers in the studio is also in the direction of "blue plus white". Liaoguofeng said that in recent years, the use of welding robots has become more and more popular. Robots can do some basic tasks of traditional welders, and they can do them faster and better. This requires welders to make breakthroughs in technology, "for example, programming for robots. If there is practical accumulation of front-line tooling design and welding process preparation, programming will become more intuitive and easier."

so far, Liao Guofeng has trained more than 500 apprentices, and this number continues to expand after the establishment of the studio. As for liaoguofeng himself, the immediate production improvement for the enterprise this year has created benefits of more than 100000 yuan

the rubber pad has creep phenomenon. It is understood that as of September 2013, there are 35 advanced model (staff) innovation studios such as "liaoguofeng (model worker) Innovation Studio" in Liuzhou, and nearly 5000 technicians have been trained; Nearly 40 items have been obtained. At present, there is also an electronic universal experimental machine in the market, which adopts popular 3 camera electric or frequency conversion Electromechanical. This kind of electromechanical adopts imitation signal control to control the response, slow positioning, and it is absolutely forbidden to make sure that the ordinary speed regulation is narrow. If there is high speed, there will be no low speed, or if there is low speed, there will be no high speed, and the speed control is absolutely innovative; Create (save) benefits of more than 50 million yuan

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