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Operation instructions of electric pressure test pump

1.1 operation methods and precautions of electric pressure test pump

1.2 it is applicable to the operation of various types of electric pressure test pumps

2. Operating procedures requirements

2.1 preparation before operation

2.1.1 requirements for working environment of electric pressure test pump

(1) the construction site complies with relevant national regulations on occupational safety, health and fire prevention

(2) the equipment at the construction site shall be stacked neatly, padded and covered with clear marks; The operation of drainage facilities is comprehensively planned and reasonably arranged

(3) ditches and pits that affect safe construction on site shall be filled or protected with railings and safety signs

(4) after the equipment is towed to the destination, it should be placed in a flat and safe terrain and should not hinder the traffic

(5) ensure the air circulation during the operation of the equipment. It is strictly prohibited to operate in the environment of humidity, excessive dust, harmful corrosive gases and media

(6) rainproof and windproof facilities and corresponding measures shall be taken for open-air construction

2.1.2 inspection items for the state of electric pressure test pump equipment:

(1) check whether the technical performance and parameters of the equipment meet the nameplate standard

(2) check whether the connection of all parts of the pump body is tight and complete; Check whether the pressure test pump operates stably, without vibration and abnormal noise, and whether the operation is flexible and reliable

(3) check whether various electrical safety protection devices are intact and effective; Check the insulation and safety of the circuit, and connect the power line. After the power is connected, jog it first to turn it off, which has special performance that ordinary particle size does not have. Check whether the mechanical transmission is normal when the pump is running. If there is no abnormality, connect the tested container at the water outlet interface

(4) check whether the cleaning, lubrication, fastening, adjustment and anti-corrosion of the equipment meet the requirements; Check whether the lubricating oil level in the reduction box reaches the center point of the oil pointer, and fill lubricating oil in each oil hole at the same time

(5) check whether the equipment operation records and relevant data are complete and accurate

(6) check whether the parts, accessories and tools are complete and intact

(7) the motor can be started only when the previous items meet the requirements (the low-pressure controller should be turned on before the motor is started, so that the low-pressure water cylinder will not produce water pressure effect. After the operation is normal, the low-pressure controller should be turned off, but when the working pressure reaches 2MPa, the operator should immediately turn on the low-pressure controller)

2.1.3 requirements for personnel status and labor protection wear:

(1) be healthy and have no occupational contraindications

(2) after technical training, passing the examination and professional safety technical training of the local government authority, passing the examination and obtaining the relevant safety technology operation certificate

(3) labor discipline shall be observed, and it is not allowed to work after drinking, leave the post without permission, and irrelevant personnel are not allowed to enter and leave the operation site

(4) qualified PPE must be worn correctly

2.1.4 requirements for equipment shift handover:

(1) when the operator of the electric pressure test pump takes over the shift, he must go to work in advance according to the specified time, observe and understand the state of the electric pressure test pump and whether various pipeline joints are good, and understand the conditions of tools, accessories, etc

(2) the handover person should do the cleaning work in advance and fill in the operation records. According to the requirements of patrol inspection, the shift handover personnel shall adopt the methods of listening, viewing, checking and asking, hand over point by point, and both parties shall sign on the handover record book

(3) the electric pressure test pump should be handed over under the running state. If it is in the state of troubleshooting or maintenance, it should be handed over in detail

(4) six handover and six non handover of equipment handover. Six hand in, that is, hand in the task, quality requirements and measures, equipment operation, safety measures, the number and integrity of tools and accessories, equipment operation records and relevant data; Six don't take over, that is, don't take over if the task is unclear, don't take over if the quality requirements and measures are unclear, don't take over if the equipment maintenance is not clear, don't take over if the tools, accessories and spare parts are lack of damage, don't take over if the safety measures are inappropriate, don't take over if the equipment and site are not clean, oil leakage and electrical failure are not eliminated, and don't take over if the records and data are incomplete and forbidden

2.1.5 requirements for inspection and preparation before starting the electric pressure test pump

(1) check the operation of the starter and motor for abnormalities

(2) check whether the power line and distribution equipment are firmly connected and whether the grounding wire of the equipment is good

(3) check whether the connection between the check pressure relief valve and the pressure test pipeline and the running high-pressure hose is tight. Check whether the connection of thread and pressure gauge is loose and firm in time

(4) check whether the insulation part of the motor and starter meets the requirements of electrical regulations. The whole machine must be grounded. If necessary, the motor foot or flange plate can be used to fasten the bolt for grounding

(5) the insulation condition must be checked before the first use. The purpose of using a 500 volt megohmmeter to measure the insulation resistance of the experimental machine is "this article can help us. Its value should not be less than 0.5 megohm. Otherwise, the stator winding should be dried. The dry thrust ring friction pair is similar to the pin disk friction pair. The temperature when grinding through the large thrust ring and the small thrust ring is not allowed to exceed 120 ℃

(6) add N46 mechanical oil or 40 mechanical oil as required. Check whether the lubricating oil in the transmission box is sufficient and whether the oil level reaches the oil level indicator line before use

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