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Bucket wheel machine earthwork operation instructions

1.1 project overview

the phase I 2 350MW supercritical unit project of Beijing Neng Zhuozhou thermal power new project is a new heating power plant with a planned capacity of 4 350MW heating units. In this phase, 2 350MW supercritical coal-fired heating units are built, and flue gas desulfurization and denitration devices are built simultaneously. The plant site is located in dongxianpo Town, 8km north of Zhuozhou City, adjacent to Fangshan District of Beijing in the north, about 1000 meters away from dongxianpo town government in the West and about 1000 meters west of Beijing Guangzhou railway

the bucket wheel machine foundation is a cast-in-situ reinforced concrete strip foundation, with specific location (a=1616.00, b=802.9 ~ 974.7). This construction is earthwork excavation, which is excavated to 30cm above the design elevation at one time. The specific operation range is 215.35m*8.35m*2

engineering geological conditions

1.2.1 quantities: the excavation earthwork quantity of this project is 3600m3

1.2.2 construction period: from August 6, 2015 to September 25, 2015

II. Preparation basis

3.1 the joint inspection of construction drawings has been completed, and the problems existing in the joint inspection have been clearly handled

3.2 relevant written materials with commencement conditions

3.3 determine the plane position according to the coordinate control network and elevation control points of the whole site provided by the owner and the coordinate points of the bucket wheel foundation construction drawing, and set out the excavation sideline on the ground with lime powder

3.4 the preparation for the construction of temporary excavated roads has been completed

3.5 construction machines and tools have been mobilized

3.6 organize construction personnel to conduct technical and safety disclosure

3.7 labor organization and equipment allocation

3.8 the positioning and setting out of the bucket wheel machine shall be carried out after the supervisor and party a pass the retest

3.9.1 labor organization

take full charge of the technical management of the unit project

1. Take full charge of the technical work of the unit project, organize the study of construction drawings and technical data, prepare construction technical measures, preside over technical disclosure

2. Prepare construction instructions, make construction budget

3. Go deep into the site to guide the construction, and find and solve technical problems in time

4. Formulate construction methods and processes

5. Be responsible for the first-class quality acceptance of the unit project, and fill in the acceptance form

6. Be responsible for all technical work in the construction process, and be responsible for all technical data collection

have more than five years of on-site work experience, be familiar with the safety work procedures for power construction, be loyal to their duties, have the work license of safety officer, and work with the certificate

1. Under the leadership of the superior safety department, Be fully responsible for safety management

2. Implement the company's safety management standards, follow the safety management procedures, do a good job in the management of the construction site, and be responsible for the safety first

3. Be responsible for the safety inspection of the construction site, and stop illegal operations

4. Make records of safety supervision violations, and provide a direct and real basis for safety evaluation

5. Safety Authority: have the right to stop the ongoing illegal operations, Have the right to score the units participating in the construction to encourage safe construction, and suggest relevant leaders to reward the units and individuals with outstanding performance, have the right to punish the individuals who violate the rules on the spot, have the right to raise objections to the construction scheme with hidden dangers, discuss and solve with technicians, have quality inspection experience, and be familiar with the construction engineering section of the technical code for construction and acceptance of electric power construction and relevant national standard acceptance specifications, Be familiar with the construction drawings, receive training, have the work license of quality inspector, and work with the certificate

1. Be responsible for the quality supervision and inspection of the whole construction process, and the collection and sorting of quality assurance data

2. Have the right to raise objections to the plans that cannot guarantee the quality, and request the relevant leaders to approve

3. Have the right to stop and report the illegal operations that may cause quality accidents to the relevant leaders for handling

4 For unqualified processes, which are generally composed of two basic parts: loading and force measurement, have the right to order them to modify, prohibit the construction of the next process, and report to the relevant leaders at the same time

5. Have the right to suggest that units and individuals with good quality or units and individuals with quality accidents should be linked with the economy, and implement rewards and punishments

6. Be responsible for Level 2 quality acceptance

maintenance of construction machinery and tools to ensure good operation; Spare parts for vulnerable and perishable parts; The use certificate, capacity appraisal and other data related to machinery and tools are complete for future reference

3.11.1 the machinery used to make the steel bar surface free of obvious burns and other defects has good working conditions and can operate freely. It is equipped with corresponding anti noise and oil leakage devices. The transportation vehicle has good brakes, and the control system is fault free and close to the pressure roller

3.11.2 prepare safety fences, helmets, etc

5.1 positioning and elevation control

according to the whole field coordinate control network and positioning elevation points provided by the owner on site, set out the excavation control line and excavation sideline of bucket wheel foundation, and set up control piles and elevation control points

5.2 earth excavation

5.3.1 the project adopts the form of backhoe excavator excavation and dump truck transportation

5.3.2 excavate and grade in strict accordance with the sequence of the construction plan, and repair local machinery such as metal lithium, butyl lithium and other places with less excavation and inconvenience by others

(1) the excavator, vehicle loading and reversing shall be commanded by a specially assigned person, and the driver shall follow the command. After reversing in place, the driver honks his horn to indicate that the car has stopped steadily, so that the excavator driver can carry out excavation and loading. After the loading is completed, the excavator driver must also honk his horn to inform the driver that the loading is completed, and the car driver must honk his horn after starting before driving. During excavation, the backfill soil shall be transported to the soil stacking area on the east side

(2) if unidentifiable objects are found in the excavation area, the construction shall be stopped immediately, reported to the supervisor and Party A, and the construction can be continued until the truth is found out

(3) the excavation shall be carried out from top to bottom, and the method of hollowing out the footing shall not be used for construction

5.3.3 manual slope repair

(1) when excavating mechanically, shallow excavation should be carried out at the slope position, 30cm earthwork should be reserved, and then manually trimmed to the required slope gradient

(2) the trimming and protection of the slope shall be carried out manually at the ratio of 1:0.5. The earthwork excavation construction shall be followed closely, and the mature construction shall be carried out one by one, so as to avoid the instability caused by the long exposed time of the slope, and the state of the slope shall be checked and recorded at any time during the excavation process to prevent collapse

5.3.4 excavation of drainage ditch and sump and construction of retaining cofferdam

after the completion of earthwork excavation, a water retaining cofferdam with a width of 0.24M and a height of 0.3m is built around the slope and 1m away from the foundation pit. Excavate an annular drainage ditch around the base, with a width of 500m and a depth of 500mm, and excavate a sump at the northeast corner

5.3.5 safety fence is erected around the foundation pit, 1.5m away from the edge of the foundation pit, with φ 48 the scaffold tube shall be set up with a circular safety fence, which shall be composed of upper and lower horizontal bars and vertical bars, and connected with fasteners. The upper pole is 1.2m from the ground, the lower pole is 0.6m from the ground, the upright pole is driven 600mm underground, the spacing between upright poles is 2.5m, and painted with red and white paint

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