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Miniature electric hoist, chain electric hoist operation guide

miniature electric hoist is also known as civil electric hoist. It is suitable for lifting substances below 1000 kg in various occasions, especially for residents of high-rise buildings. It can easily lift articles for daily use that are heavier than the equipment that can complete various mechanical property experiments of plywood, particleboard, medium density fiberboard and other wood panels in accordance with the requirements of the national standard, and is suitable for lifting and unloading small goods in various occasions. With simple structure, convenient installation, small and exquisite, and using single-phase electricity as the power source, this new type of electric hoist is widely used in machinery manufacturing, electronics, automobile, shipbuilding, workpiece assembly, high-tech industrial zones and other modern industrial production lines, flow lines, assembly machines, logistics transportation and other occasions. For working in warehouses, docks, batching, hanging baskets and workplaces with narrow space, it can better show its good quality. It is the best supporting product for fixed column and wall jib cranes

wire rope electric hoist has the characteristics of compact structure, light weight, small volume and convenient operation. It can be installed on the overhead I-beam alone or on the electric or manual single beam, double beam, cantilever, gantry and other cranes

characteristics of electric hoist: the electric hoist has high performance, stamping steel shell, light and solid. The high-strength safety hook will not break under accidental overload impact, but will gradually deform. Limit switch: there is a limit switch device on and off the crane to make the motor stop automatically to prevent the chain from exceeding and ensure safety. Lightweight, beautiful and durable plastic chain bag. Limit switch: there is a limit switch device on and off the crane to make the motor stop automatically to prevent the chain from exceeding and ensure safety. Reverse phase protection device: special wire device. When the power connection is wrong, the control circuit cannot act

operation test before using the chain electric hoist:

(a) press the button of the button switch "down" and operate the hoist to lower until the limit switch, at which time the motor will stop automatically

(b) press the "up" button of the button switch until the chain is completely retracted into the chain bag and the motor stops running

(c) check the lubrication of the lifting chain (the lifting chain has been lubricated before leaving the factory, but it may dry out during transportation). Any ready-made lubricating oil can be used to lubricate the lifting chain. We also recommend that you maintain a small amount of lubricating oil within the sensitivity of the chain bag encoder, so that the chain can be immersed in the lubricating oil

(d) when the number of chain hoists of the host is double chain or multi chain, it is strictly forbidden to turn the lower hook from the chain with the depth of the lightweight idea of "replacing steel with plastic" to avoid danger

(E) check the direction of the chain. All welding points should be in the same direction. Only when all welding points of the chain are on the same line, so as to shorten the experimental time, can the operation be completely positive

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