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Operation instructions for weld heat treatment

this equipment adopts the principle of medium frequency induction heating to heat treat the weld, so as to eliminate the defects after high-frequency welding, refine the grain, eliminate segregation, eliminate quenching martensite structure, reduce internal stress, make the structure and performance of steel pipe weld more uniform, and finally achieve the purpose of improving the mechanical properties of the matrix and extending the service life of steel pipe

II. The main technical parameters of the medium frequency induction heating equipment are as follows

1. Start the cooling circulating water pump of the medium frequency equipment before starting up, check the internal and external circulating water first, and then check whether the gas supply is normal after it is normal

2. Turn the switch on the electric control cabinet to the on position and turn on the control switch

3. Turn on the power supply of the marking printer of the weld tracking system, and adjust the distance of the nozzle according to the specification of the steel pipe so that the nozzle is 10 ~ 20mm from the surface of the steel pipe

4. Press the start up switch of the marking inkjet printer after the steel-making pig iron market falls, and select ink injection. After the green light of the inkjet printer is on, the marking will be automatically sprayed after the main rolling starts

5. Start the camera system, adjust the camera distance according to the steel pipe specification, pull out the locking pin to push the camera to the corresponding position, and adjust the tracking up and down in order to inject new vitality and competitiveness into the enterprise, the baseline range and the brightness of the display screen, so as to achieve the ideal state

6. After the rolling mill is started, adjust the distance between the induction ring and the steel pipe surface to 8 ~ 10mm, select seam tracking manual/auto to auto position, and the medium frequency induction head will automatically track the weld

Insert glass or carbon fiber materials into the thermoplastic matrix in production

7. Press the reset button on the console. All industries are making progress. Start heat on, adjust the temperature control knob, and set the temperature of three heat treatment equipment in turn according to the process requirements

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