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Work instructions for the intermediate verification of laboratory instruments

work instructions for the intermediate verification of laboratory instruments

1. Purpose

conduct the intermediate verification of the technical indicators of the testing equipment between the two verifications to maintain the reliability of the equipment calibration status and ensure the accuracy and reliability of the testing results

2. Scope of application

intermediate verification of main or important testing instruments and equipment and on-site testing instruments and equipment of the center

3. Responsibilities

3.1 the person in charge of quality is responsible for preparing the annual interim verification plan

3.2 the person in charge of the project is responsible for the specific implementation of the interim verification, and the person in charge of the testing room is responsible for confirming the verification results

3.3 the quality supervisor is responsible for supervising the completion of the intermediate verification plan

4. Timing of intermediate verification

the interval of intermediate verification of the instrument is generally 1-2 times within the verification or calibration cycle of the instrument. When the following situations occur, intermediate verification should be considered

4.1 the accuracy of the instrument may be affected due to changes in environmental conditions, such as large changes in temperature and humidity

4.2 in the process of detection, suspicious data is found and the instrument and equipment are suspected

4.3 in case of important tests, such as major water pollution accidents or the entrusted users have disputes over the test results

5. Interim verification method

5.1 use certified reference materials for verification. Reference materials include various standard samples, such as pH meter and conductivity meter, which are verified with fixed value solution. When using reference materials for verification, it should be noted that the quantity value of the reference materials used can be traced and effective

5.2 use the equipment attached to the instrument for verification, and the automatic calibration system attached to the instrument can be used for verification. For example, the standard working weight of the electronic balance can be calibrated automatically

5.3 comparison between instruments and equipment. There are many identical or similar instruments and equipment in the laboratory, which can be compared with another instrument and equipment with the same or higher precision

5.4 use different detection methods for comparison, such as iodometric method for comparison of dissolved oxygen meter

5.5 re measure the quantity of retained samples. As long as the performance of retained samples is stable, it can be used as the verification standard for intermediate verification. For example, specific samples are used for radioactive detection instruments without calibration sources

5.6 in the standard methods and technical regulations of detection, it is necessary to connect an external microcomputer (HP, Lenovo and other brands can be Austria) to realize the control of the experimental process and the summation method of the experimental curve, data editing, printing and other functions, which can be directly used as the method of periodic verification

5.7 the intermediate verification can be operated with reference to the verification regulations of instruments and equipment, and the parts that need to be verified are adopted (see Table 1 for the verification regulations of common instruments and equipment). If there is no verification regulation for such instruments and equipment, you can also refer to the patent research of similar instruments, which not only deepens the cooperation between China and Britain, but also the verification regulation of instrument and equipment, "Martens said

table 1

5.8 instrument and equipment instructions and product standards or methods provided by suppliers

5.9 for instruments and equipment without method source, detailed rules for the implementation of interim verification can be prepared. The method contents of the implementation rules can also be incorporated into the operating procedures of instruments and equipment. The implementation rules shall include the following contents:

5.9.1 name of the verified instrument, measurement range and name of main technical parameters

5.9.2 the name and measurement range of the verification reference materials involved in the verification methods adopted

5.9.3 description of the interim verification method adopted and the verification and measurement process

5.9.4 requirements for verification data records and determination methods of verification results

6. Intermediate verification records

intermediate verification should be recorded, and different recording methods can be adopted according to the contents of intermediate verification:

6.1 verification records are recorded on the original test records: for the intermediate verification to be carried out every time, the records are simplified

6.2 the verification record is on the instrument and equipment maintenance record: it is suitable for more frequent intermediate verification, and the record is relatively simple, such as the calibration verification of the balance

6.3 special verification records are used. For more complex intermediate verification, corresponding record forms can be prepared

7. Determination of intermediate verification results

the standard method requirements, technical requirements, verification regulations and verification implementation rules based on the intermediate verification conclusion of laboratory instruments and equipment, determine the verification results (see Table 2). If the technical state of the equipment promised by the verified testing service is found to be abnormal during the verification during the implementation, it shall be analyzed and the cause shall be found. The verification method can be changed, and verification or calibration shall be carried out in advance if necessary

table 2

8. Relevant documents

8.1 instrument and equipment management procedure zw-lm-p-24

9. Relevant records

9.1 instrument and equipment interim verification records zw-lm-w-

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