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Operation instructions for incineration and transfer post

1. Tasks of this post

(1) use spray guns to burn the liquid sulfur in the sulfur furnace with dry air, resulting in SO2 flue gas

(2) the SO2 flue gas sent from the sulfur furnace is secondary converted through the converter to convert SO2 into SO3 for absorption by the dry absorption post to produce sulfuric acid

2. Production principle of this post

(1) liquid sulfur burns at high temperature to produce SO2

the new anti mobike bike (internal code "wind light") launched in April adopts Dow polyurethane material - polyurethane solid wheel response: s+ O2 ― → so2+q

(2) SO2 is converted by O2 under the action of vanadium catalyst, resulting in so3

reaction formula: so2+1/2 O2 → so3+q

II. Operation index

1. The maximum temperature in the middle section of the sulfur incinerator furnace is less than 1050 ℃

2. The sulfur incinerator appears at the mouth, and the concentration of SO2 is 9.5% 1%

3. The outlet temperature of the sulfur incinerator is less than 1050 ℃

4. (2) the primary conversion rate is ≥ 90%

5. Total conversion rate ≥ 99%

6 The inlet temperature of the first stage of transformation is 42510 ℃

7, the inlet temperature of the second stage of transformation is 445 10 ℃

8, the inlet temperature of the third stage of transformation is 44015 ℃

9, the inlet temperature of the fourth stage of transformation is 430 10 ℃

10, the moisture at the drying outlet is ≤ 0.2g/nm3

3, the process index control

1, operate carefully according to the transformation operation procedures. Check the temperature of each bearing bush of the main fan, the temperature of the bearing bush of the motor, the oil temperature and the oil level in time, and adjust the operation data to the specified range

2. Adjust the inlet temperature of each section of the converter and maintain a reasonable temperature difference to improve the conversion rate of each section

IV. equipment maintenance

carry out regular patrol inspection and maintenance on all parts of the conversion section to ensure that the equipment can operate without failure

v. on site management

undertake the cleaning and hygiene tasks in the designated area of the post according to the management system of the factory

VI. hidden danger search

regularly patrol the hidden dangers involving the post to ensure the safety of the post and the personnel and articles in the area

VII The implementation of other work

obey the leadership of the factory Committee and the workshop director, carefully fill in the original records, and actively complete the arrangement

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