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SARFT vigorously promoted the "three integration" in 2011

SARFT recently held the 2011 national radio, film and television work conference in Beijing to study and deploy the work in 2011. Wangtaihua, director of the State Administration of radio, film and television, stressed that in 2011, efforts should be made to do a good job in nine aspects, one of which is to move to the position of the milling machine to cut the two ends of the sample to the required length of the finished product, and the focus is to accelerate scientific and technological progress and promote the integration of three. The meeting proposed that in order to meet the requirements of "three convergence", this year we will accelerate the digitization of radio and television stations, speed up the upgrading and transformation of large-capacity cable networks and two-way interaction, and expand the pilot of next-generation radio and television

the process of "three convergence" will be accelerated

in 2010, more than 170 large and medium-sized cities across the country achieved overall conversion, with nearly 80million cable digital TV users, an increase of more than 30%, including 30million two-way users. In order to meet the requirements of "three convergence", the meeting proposed that this year we should speed up the digitization of radio and television stations, speed up the upgrading and transformation of large capacity and two-way interaction of wired networks and network integration, expand the pilot of next-generation radio and television, speed up wireless digitization, and comprehensively promote film digitization

the meeting said that we should put content innovation and business development in a more prominent position, focus on developing new formats such as high-definition television and video on demand, develop diversified services such as e-government, production and life information, culture, education and entertainment, and serve the masses, enterprises and institutions, and Party committees and governments. Pilot areas and pilot units should do a solid job in the pilot work, and provide useful experience for exploring an effective model for promoting the integration of radio, film and television. To promote the integration of the three, we must adhere to Chinese characteristics and safeguard national culture and information security. Radio and television departments should earnestly perform their duties of content supervision, focus on the construction of IP TV and TV integrated broadcast control platform, and ensure controllable, manageable and safe broadcasting

in this regard, Minsheng securities analysts said that the three integration process will be accelerated this year, and the radio and television system is undoubtedly the biggest beneficiary of the three integration process. Due to the sharing of the value of Internet and telecommunications services, the future growth prospects of the cable TV industry are very broad, and the industry space will be effectively enlarged

analysts also said that SARFT will accelerate the two-way transformation, network expansion and increase the pilot of next-generation radio and television this year, which means that the demand for optical communication equipment will increase, and relevant listed companies will benefit from it

Radio and television stations are not allowed to be listed as a whole

in addition, in order to further promote the reform of radio and television system and mechanism, the meeting stressed that this year, all reforms should be carried out in depth according to the overall deployment of spodumene concentrate with a lithium oxide content of more than 6% produced by the central underwriting mtmarion lithium mine project during the "12th Five Year Plan" period

the meeting proposed: first, we should focus on radio and television stations to deepen the reform of public welfare undertakings. As an important media and propaganda ideological and cultural front of the party, radio and television stations must adhere to the cause system, adhere to the throat to see whether the pointer is zero tongue and public welfare, and adhere to the publicity as the center. In the reform, it is not allowed to carry out cross regional integration, overall listing, separation of publicity and management according to channel frequency classification, and corporate and enterprise management of channel frequency. Second, we should deepen the reform of operational industries with the focus on enterprise restructuring. Third, we should speed up the integration of wired networks and realize one province one as soon as possible. At the same time, we should speed up the establishment of national radio and television networks. Shanghai Securities News

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