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Methanol daily review: supply shortage market rose

on Wednesday, Shijiazhuang, Hebei Province rose again today to 2420 yuan/ton, up yuan/ton from yesterday, Therefore, the mainstream of the North China market rose to yuan/ton, and the processing fell sharply to the level of 100 yuan per kilogram. Jinan assaying group has always insisted "Yongai load-bearing, the mainstream of Jiangsu in the East China market rose to about yuan/ton, the supply of goods is not much, traders have a certain reluctance to sell mentality, the downstream receiving sentiment is still low, the transaction situation is general, the mainstream quotation in Ningbo, Zhejiang Province increased by 50 yuan/ton to 2700 yuan/ton, the actual transaction is 2680 yuan/ton, the downstream receiving is not ideal, the transaction situation is not good, the South China Guangdong region is still at the high level of yuan/ton, the downstream receiving is OK, the transaction situation is not good General

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