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Satya led the keynote speech, Microsoft's all-round heavy weighting China Cloud

on November 1, 2017 Microsoft Tech Summit was held in Beijing. Satya NADELLA, CEO of Microsoft, gathered with thousands of customers, partners and developers to show the latest progress of Microsoft in the frontier fields of hybrid reality, artificial intelligence, quantum computing and so on, It also shared the achievements and prospects of Microsoft's cooperation with China's ecosystem to expand opportunities for digital transformation

it is late autumn in Beijing, and the temperature is low, but it still can't stop everyone's enthusiasm. Microsoft's annual technology feast is about to begin

there are many people, but the order is good. Everyone is full of enthusiasm and looking forward to the annual recharge of faith

the partners entered the venue orderly according to the signs

the conference is about to begin, and there are no empty seats

vision keynote keynote speech

the conference kicked off in a wonderful warm-up video, instantly igniting the enthusiasm of participants. It is the mission of Microsoft to empower everyone and every organization in the world to achieve extraordinary achievements

first of all, the welcome speech was delivered by Mr. Horace Chow, vice president of Microsoft and chief operating officer of China. He warmly welcomed the participants who attended the meeting and watched the live broadcast online. At the same time, he said: over the past year, Microsoft has continued to maintain good cooperation with local partners and customers in China, and has made a series of achievements: more than 100000 enterprise customers from different industries use Microsoft Intelligent Cloud azure; 1.4 million monthly paying enterprise customers use office 365 cloud services; There are more than 1300 cloud partners, which are growing at a rate of 30% per year; Microsoft has more than 100000 active developers developing cloud

Zou Zuoji, vice president of Microsoft and chief operating officer of Greater China

then, a heavyweight guest appeared on the stage, Satya, CEO of Microsoft? NADELLA on stage

he said: China, with stable development and continuous innovation, is one of the most dynamic markets in the world. Hybrid reality, artificial intelligence, quantum computing, and technological innovation are ushering in a new era of computing. At the same time, digital transformation has also brought new development opportunities to every organization and everyone around the world. The combination of Microsoft's technology and experience with China's wisdom and innovation will certainly contribute to China's development and help people live a better life

all round heavy weighting China Cloud

Office 365 micro assistant

Satya? NADELLA introduced the office 365 micro assistant officially launched by Microsoft office and Tencent. It integrates the mobile office suite function of office 365 into; In the future, in the most familiar operation interface, you can also feel the security, management and more deep functions brought by office 365. Office 365 micro assistant also supports function expansion, and Microsoft also welcomes third-party developers to develop more customized solutions for it. Office 365 makes office more efficient

three times the expansion of azure

Satya announced that the expansion of windows azure operated by 21vianet will be completed in the next six months, when the cloud computing scale provided by azure in China will be expanded to three times the existing level. Microsoft azure, operated by 21vianet, is the first international public cloud service to enter China and realize official business. The expanded Microsoft azure will better meet the needs of Chinese users, provide richer functional services and operation and maintenance guarantees, and provide smoother migration services for global azure users to deploy and operate cloud businesses in China

azure stack hybrid cloud

azure stack jointly launched by Microsoft and global hardware partners Dell, Lenovo, Cisco and Huawei will be officially commercial in the first half of 2018. Azure stack is an extension of azure public cloud. It can provide a hybrid cloud platform and experience consistent with azure from API interface, development tools, cloud market, operation management and other levels. Azure stack can bring the flexibility and fast-paced technological innovation of azure cloud computing to customers' local data centers, especially for industry enterprises that need to meet a variety of regulatory requirements in edge and offline environments, as well as business scenarios that need to implement cloud application mode locally. Azure stack will help customers build hybrid cloud solutions based on Microsoft azure operated by 21vianet in China

sql server 2017 is launched in China

sql server 2017 is officially commercial in China and supports Linux, windows and docker versions. SQL server is the first database built for the cloud and can be deployed locally. SQL Server 2017 extends the capabilities of SQL server from windows to Linux and docker container platforms for the first time, allowing developers to freely choose their favorite language and environment to develop intelligent applications, bringing a higher level of productivity, performance and data security performance

Xiaobing team live demonstration

Satya invited Xiaobing team to make a live demonstration. Xiaobing sister can not only interact with human beings, but also create art and create art. Now Xiaobing has published poetry anthologies and singles, which organically integrates AI art and science, and integrates the two

Satya then shared the latest achievements made by Microsoft in the frontier fields of hybrid reality, artificial intelligence, quantum computing and so on: as a widely used testing equipment, Microsoft electronic tensile testing machine is working with partners to create a safer and more affordable hybrid reality experience; AI will be deeply integrated with more Microsoft products; The era of quantum computing has come. Microsoft has launched a specially developed programming language, development tools and simulators


I believe Microsoft is the most credible Gu Zhuolun, senior vice president of the company worldwide, head of AI core team, and chief technology officer of Microsoft AI and Microsoft Research Division, came to the stage immediately

he said: in AI research, Microsoft is focusing on promoting breakthroughs in three areas: Data atlas, cloud and intelligent platform, and creating a new user experience. In order to achieve the goal of popularizing artificial intelligence, Microsoft provides all-round support from PAAS level cloud services, to AI infrastructure, and then to development tools, including azure machine learning services, cognitive services, robot framework and azure robot services running on azure, as well as visual studio code artificial intelligence development suite. Microsoft is committed to turning artificial intelligence into a productivity within everyone's reach

help Chinese enterprises win the first opportunity of digital transformation

Kang Rong, vice president and general manager of marketing and operation of Microsoft Greater China, as a critical processing equipment, invited Microsoft customers to the stage and shared how Microsoft helped Chinese enterprises win the first opportunity of digital transformation in four application scenarios

Kang Rong said: with cloud computing, IOT, big data and artificial intelligence, Microsoft provides products, platforms and services that can comprehensively cover cutting-edge technology fields. Facing the business needs of customers in different industries and regions, we have combined Microsoft's technological innovation with specific business needs to create customized solutions for four typical application scenarios to help customers win business opportunities for digital transformation

Kang Rong, vice president of Microsoft Greater China and general manager of marketing and operations

the four typical application scenarios customized by Microsoft for digital transformation include modern working mode, integrated business applications, applications and infrastructure, data and artificial intelligence, which have played an active role in the digital transformation of many customers

modern working mode

in the face of increasingly fierce international market competition, Huawei, the world's leading provider of telecommunications equipment, manufacturing and enterprise solutions, is actively building a new generation of digital office platforms while increasing R & D investment, so as to improve work efficiency and profit margin. The overseas sales bidding platform developed by Huawei integrates the SharePoint service of Microsoft Office 365, which organizes employees from different regions and departments into a virtual team to share bidding documents and other materials, greatly improving the efficiency of communication, collaboration and information flow

integrated business application

Amer sports is the world's top sporting goods group, which includes Salomon, SUUNTO, Wilson, arcteryx and other world-renowned sports brands. Yamafen sports has built a set of digital marketing and customer loyalty management system based on Microsoft Dynamics, and achieved seamless connection with the platform. Using this system platform, enterprises can have the opportunity to understand clearer consumer portraits, better plan market activities, attract consumers in a targeted manner, effectively maintain customer loyalty, and help market teams evaluate the effect of activities more accurately

application and infrastructure

as one of China's largest architectural design groups, Huajian digital innovation (Shanghai) Technology Co., Ltd., which has always been in the leading position in the industry in the level of information application, has been committed to providing integrated solutions for the digital transformation of the construction engineering industry, striving to build three business engines, namely, Internet + design, digitalization + Architecture and intellectualization + engineering, and actively exploring IOT, hybrid reality Integrated application of new technologies such as cloud computing, big data, artificial intelligence and building information model BIM Technology in the field of construction engineering. At the beginning of its establishment, Huajian digital innovation launched strategic cooperation with Microsoft China to build a cloud platform for the construction industry and a holographic application platform for the construction engineering industry based on Microsoft's leading global Intelligent Cloud azure and holographic technology, integrate upstream and downstream service resources in the construction engineering industry, and create infinite possibilities for the digital transformation of architectural design

data and artificial intelligence

China currently has a global circulation of 900000, daily website visits of more than 57million, and social media fan Remi Salomon said that silk exceeded 60million. Microsoft and China strategically cooperate to build a global media cloud to serve media convergence and international communication business. Build a big data application system oriented by accurate communication, take cloud and big data as the core, better understand the needs and likes of the audience through the data of various platforms, and use artificial intelligence to analyze these data, predict hot spots, and analyze communication paths, so as to produce more and better media content and achieve better communication effects

finally, Kangrong brings you a practical case of how Microsoft's technological innovation can help people in need live a better life. Listen to the bus is the first city level self-service bus travel service system for visually impaired people in China, which has been provided in some bus lines in Guangzhou. It can provide visually impaired people with meter level accurate positioning of bus stops, bus routes, on-time reminder of vehicles entering the station, broadcast along the way, arrival reminder and other functions through smart app, bus stop Bluetooth device and real-time data exchange of azure. This system is the relevant technical support provided by Microsoft Intelligent Cloud and IOT

the exclusive course of the conference

came to the site of the exclusive course with a look forward to, waiting for the IT masters to gather and learn from each other, absorbing full dry goods

master Xianxin of Longquan Temple, who is popular, is also here to share with you through technical life and explore the ultimate value

after listening to the speech in the morning, we entered the lunch time. After replenishing energy, the branch

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