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SAS intelligent analysis solution for manufacturing industry demand planning

in the highly competitive manufacturing industry, the strategy of reasonable planning and operation, effective prediction and meeting customer needs to increase profits has become the top priority. Accurate demand forecasting will drive the best inventory replenishment and price strategy, which is essential for success. SAS manufacturing industry demand intelligence integrates accurate demand forecasting and the best inventory replenishment and price strategy, so that you can meet customer needs and increase profitability. It combines all relevant demand and supply planning processes to help you gain insight into customer needs

with SAS demand intelligence, you can: accurately predict demand: learn from past experience and gain insight into future demand. You can use desktop test for small and fragmentary specimens, which accounts for a majority; Finally, in terms of display, obtain accurate predictions of factors such as promotion processing, seasonal benefits and unsalable goods. You can take 330 passengers to create forecasts at any level and according to any standard (SKU, customer, region)

increase inventory turnover: Based on accurate demand forecasting, SAS demand intelligence enables you to replenish your inventory on time by creating the best replenishment strategy that helps to maximize sales by minimizing inventory related costs

minimize costs: with SAS demand intelligence solutions, you will experience fewer chargebacks, excess inventory, and passive price reductions. You will retain current customers and win new customers, while minimizing inventory related costs

increase profits: rigorous prediction will help to promote less inventory and achieve higher profits - improve fixed capital Bayer will directly provide clothing and footwear brands with overall coating fabric development services and technology implementation solutions and asset efficiency. The price preference strategy provides increasing gross profit for each type of commodity sold. Improving supplies helps control costs. Obtain more net profits for the enterprise

sas demand intelligence includes:

sas demand planning is designed to meet the needs of manufacturing enterprises to invest in development, construction, measurement and planning on a large scale. It automatically generates advanced statistical prediction results for thousands or even tens of thousands of projects. Generate forecasts according to any standard of the enterprise and quickly adjust them according to the rapidly changing demand mode, so as to easily deal with the seasonal demand and unpredictable demand of unsalable goods

sas inventory replenishment planning is based on the prediction results created by SAS demand planning, and considers how to best replenish each type of inventory items to effectively meet the predicted demand. Customization includes the unique characteristics of the supply environment, and multiple planning schemes enable you to quickly generate and compare the results of multiple alternatives

sas manufacturing industry demand intelligence integrates demand planning and inventory replenishment planning solutions with our industry's top consultants, enabling you to implement the right strategy to increase profitability while effectively meeting customer needs

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