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Daily use and maintenance of diesel micro cultivator

a. before using the micro cultivator, please run in at the medium throttle for more than 12 hours without load, drain the engine and chassis running in oil (after sedimentation, it can be added into the chassis), clean the engine oil filter, and add clean CD grade 40 diesel engine oil for reuse

b. At the initial stage of use, the micro cultivator should not be overloaded. It should be operated at medium and small loads for more than 48 hours, and the engine oil and chassis oil should be replaced (add clean engine oil after cleaning the engine and chassis)

c. after the running in period, change the engine oil every 180 hours of farming

d. pay attention to cleaning the appearance of the machine during farming, so as to maintain the heat dissipation of the machine with the all-round efforts of our Jinan experimental machine factory team

II. Precautions and fuel grade when adding fuel

a. add 0 diesel

b, add it to 70% of the fuel tank, and diesel oil overflows when no tillage is used

c. shut down the engine before adding fuel

d. do not take out the diesel oil for filtration when adding fuel

III. precautions when adding lubricating oil and the label of lubricating oil

a. add CD40 or cc40 diesel engine oil uniformly to the engine and chassis, and do not add gear oil to the chassis

b. when checking the oil volume, the machine should be in a horizontal position

c. when checking the oil quantity with an oil dipstick, do not rotate the oil dipstick, and the oil level should be between the upper and lower scales of the oil dipstick, and should not exceed the highest scale

IV. precautions before starting the micro cultivator

a, in neutral position

b, check whether the amount of oil in the engine and chassis is enough

c. check whether there is fuel

d. check whether the bolts at each part are loose

e. pay attention to the starting posture, keep your feet away from the tool, and don't put your feet in front of the tool. At the same time, pay attention not to stand in front of the machine

v. precautions in the operation of micro cultivator

a. no one can stand in front of the machine during farming

b. don't put clothes and other objects close to the rotary tillage cutter during machine farming 6 The belt on the force measuring piston falls off or is too loose (so that the piston cannot run at a uniform speed)

C. when the machine encounters large stones or other obstacles during farming, grasp the clutch in advance, and let the machine circle before farming

VI. precautions during micro tillage surface transfer

a. the engine must be shut down during transfer

b. the engine must be shut down when transferring over the ridge. Non ferrous metals are important basic materials for national economic construction. It is forbidden to let people pull the machine in front of the machine over the ridge

VII. Precautions when using reverse gear

a. be sure to use

b when the accelerator is small. Do not use reverse gear when you are not proficient

c. when using reverse gear, be sure to pay attention to the position of the foot, not too close to the tool, and press the armrest down slightly

d. use reverse gear with caution when farming paddy fields

VIII. Precautions when cleaning the entanglement on the tool of the micro cultivator

a. the engine must be shut down when cleaning the entanglement on the tool of the micro cultivator

b, do not directly clean the entanglements on the tools of the micro cultivator by hand, and clean them with the help of metal objects such as sickles

IX. how to properly clean and maintain the disassembly and assembly of air filters, oil filters, diesel filters

copper alloys with high thermal conductivity and conductivity are listed as one of the new materials to be explored and studied. 1

a. the filter element and filter cup of the air filter must be cleaned every shift in the farming season, An appropriate amount of engine oil must be added to the air filter bowl, and not too much

b. the engine oil filter must be cleaned when changing the engine oil

c. the diesel filter must be cleaned after 3~6 months of use

X. how to correctly select the appropriate cutting tools for different cultivated lands

a. deep ploughing hoe cutting tools: suitable for deep ploughing and reclaiming wasteland, but easy to entangle grass

b, high efficiency paddy field wheel: applicable to the cultivation of various paddy fields, but not more than 45 cm

c, dry land machete: applicable to all kinds of dry land farming, but the soil moisture should not be too heavy

d, hexagonal roller knife: suitable for farming fields with heavy moisture and more weeds

Xi. Maintenance method when the micro cultivator is idle for a long time

a. drain the diesel oil in the oil tank

b, remove the entanglement on the machine,

c, drain the oil in the engine and chassis, clean it, and add clean oil

d. clean the appearance of the machine

e. pull the piston to the upper dead center

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