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SARS, the stepping stone of enterprise e-commerce

-- e-commerce, in the spring of SARS, ushered in a development opportunity

in the SARS emergency period, the natural virtuality of the network made people enjoy the convenience of shopping while staying at home, and online trading was gradually recognized during this period. SARS has affected people's lives, but also greatly changed the habits of enterprise product marketing. This impact will be long-term and far-reaching. In the past few years, it has been in 3 Using wood blocks to put the pendulum on the edge of the support, China has encountered a rare opportunity to develop e-commerce with twists and turns. In terms of Chinese packaging, the release of supply and demand information in April has increased significantly compared with previous months, and the daily click through rate is also rising. Many e-commerce stations have also announced that e-commerce transactions in all aspects have increased significantly in April. In the future, this convenient and direct enterprise marketing method will be more accepted by enterprises due to SARS, and the new spring for enterprises to carry out e-commerce is coming

the country is confident in disaster relief because our country has accumulated a certain national strength and strength. However, for small and medium-sized enterprises, they can only rely on their own benefits to maintain their survival and development. If their performance suddenly fails, they will have nothing to rely on. For enterprises with sufficient funds, they can get through this difficulty safely. After all, the temporarily suppressed demand will be released again. For large enterprises with abundant resources, they will not be trapped in temporary difficulties. The most they can do is to reduce this year's growth rate and performance forecast. However, for small and medium-sized enterprises that strongly rely on cash flow, it is particularly difficult at this time. If effective measures cannot be taken, but blindly wait for the past of this disaster, many enterprises may not be able to survive this sudden crisis in the process of waiting

for enterprises, as long as there is transparent information, real data, and rational guidance, they can make corresponding judgments in any difficulties, and may come up with effective countermeasures to overcome the difficulties. The most dangerous thing is to know nothing about it. We cannot judge the real situation of the current market, the trend of the market, and whether some temporary emergency measures are reasonable and legal. If you are abroad, at such a time, investment banks, industry institutions and research companies will investigate in time to investigate the changes in customer demand, such as enterprise expenditure. How many companies will reduce their expenditure, remain unchanged and delay due to SARS; At present, what changes have taken place in product sales, what special services customers need most at this time, what products they need most, and so on. Obtain first-hand real data and conditions of the statistical field of China Building Metal Structure Association, and be able to make corresponding market change predictions according to the duration of the "epidemic". With quantitative analysis and judgment on the software, hardware and services of enterprises, enterprises can adjust their plans and take effective countermeasures according to these conditions. However, in China, we currently do not have such market-oriented conditions. However, the government of the Development Zone, industry associations and relevant network institutions (especially industry stations) can fully undertake the important task at this time. At this time, we can investigate, understand the market situation and data in time, and publish them in time. And for the Security Council: to ensure professional technical operation training, door-to-door service enterprises feel the pulse, and introduce a series of suggested and guiding measures. Such measures do not require much investment. At this time, such help is definitely timely. Such service truly reflects the advantages of network, and every enterprise will be grateful for such timely and convenient service

SARS has given e-commerce a rare opportunity to show its own advantages and change the production and marketing habits of enterprises, as well as an opportunity for traditional enterprises to begin to reflect. The development trend of the new economy makes it impossible for us to stop the steps we have taken. Under the general trend of global economic integration, e-commerce is bound to become the only way for enterprises to develop

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