The hottest SARS has spawned a non-contact economy

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SARS gave birth to non-contact economy

the sudden SARS had a great impact on the whole society, changed people's production and lifestyle to a certain extent, and also promoted the rapid development of non-contact economy

SARS promotes the development of information service industry

because SARS has reduced people's going out activities, the dispensable way of network communication in the past is becoming an indispensable part of people's production and life. When people master the network communication technology due to SARS, they will inevitably realize the advantages of network and rely more on information exchange, learning, shopping and work. The prevalence of SARS is playing a positive role in promoting the development of information service industry. Manifested in: network service industry: with the reduction of people's outdoor activities, they turn to shopping, and the related service industry relying on network is developing rapidly. At the same time, due to the increase in the number of passengers and the extension of time, the flow of each station has increased significantly. The expansion of online browsing has increased the advertising revenue of the station. The sales volume of most online advertising has not decreased, but gradually increased. Businesses have turned their attention to networking for commodity and market publicity. On April 28, Lenovo officially launched its new brand logo, and first put advertising on outdoor and online media

communication service industry: while SARS has had a negative impact on other industries such as tourism and catering, it has promoted a substantial increase in telecommunications business volume and turnover. Hong Kong's international long-distance services and broadband services have increased by 20% to 30%, which shows the special role of the telecommunications industry in extraordinary times. The total long-distance call volume of New World Telecom in March increased by 15% compared with that in February. The total call volume in the first week of April increased by 25% compared with that in the same period in February. The total call volume in the third week of April increased by 15% compared with that in the same period in February. From the perspective of mobile communication, the statistics of Beijing Mobile and Beijing Unicom also show that the traffic volume in April increased by 30% compared with that in March. Sina and Sohu's SMS volume increased by 200% in April, and the number of newly registered users increased by 300%. SARS stimulated transactions. SARS has changed people's consumption habits. More and more people choose to shop in order to reduce the opportunity to contact people and reduce the probability of being infected with SARS. Therefore, the e-commerce market is also showing a hot trend. Many people gradually give up the traditional way of going out shopping and begin to try shopping

the sales volume of excellence in April reached 15million yuan, an increase of 25% over the previous year. Many shopping malls in China have launched special services for SARS, and have placed products to prevent SARS in a prominent position on the page

Alibaba has been publishing about 3000 business opportunities every day for a long time in 2001 and 2002. Affected by SARS, Alibaba China released 6890 pieces of information about business opportunities such as member enterprises' buying, selling, agency and cooperation on April 17, and 2354 pieces of information on the international station, with a total of more than 9000 pieces of information on the two stations

the sales of Beijing company has doubled, with more than 1000 customers shopping on the station, twice the amount before March, and the average transaction volume each time has increased from 40 yuan to 80 yuan

the scale of transactions in the traditional specialized market also continues to expand. Zhejiang Yiwu China Commodity City is the professional market with the largest trading volume in China. The business of 10 e-commerce companies, including China commercial port, global resources and Asian commodities, has generally shown a rapid upward trend recently. More than 80% of the goods have been displayed in the market, of which the average daily click volume of Zhonghua commercial port is more than 20000; In Jiaxing's China's cocoon and silk market, the trading volume has accounted for more than 80% of the total trading volume

SARS promotes the innovation of communication methods

this aspect is first manifested in the innovation of business communication methods

networking is becoming an indispensable part of business communication. Enterprises can make their work work normally through visual and video conferences. In the special period of SARS, these networks have played a considerable role in maintaining and communicating with customers and suppliers. In Hong Kong, March and April are the climax of many listed companies' performance announcement. In order to timely announce the profit and loss status, dividend distribution arrangements and long-term plans, and effectively avoid the possible infection probability in the flow of personnel, many mainland state-owned enterprises and red chip enterprises listed in Hong Kong have adopted the method of videoconference

SARS has increased the volume of transactions in banks. Because transactions in banks not only reduce the chance of SARS infection, but also save some expenses, bank cards have the advantages of hygiene and safety, so as to reduce the possibility of bacterial infection. It is reported that at present, there are 6500 special merchants in Beijing, including large supermarkets, specialty stores, specialty stores, some convenience stores, large hotels and restaurants, and key catering enterprises, which are qualified to accept relevant bank card settlements. In the past month, card consumption has increased significantly

the second is the innovation of working methods. Working at home is becoming a trend, which makes it possible to work at home. In this extraordinary period, the team of working at home is obviously expanding out of consideration of reducing the opportunity of cross infection

the third is the innovation of teaching methods. In Beijing and other SARS hit areas, network teaching and space classes are becoming the main ways for students to learn

SARS affects the export of electronic information products

in the face of the greater uncertainty of the epidemic, China's normal social life order will be affected to a certain extent, which is highlighted by the tightening of the supply and demand relationship of some production factors in some regions and a few industries, and the expansion of the epidemic will further affect the flow of people, capital and goods

on the whole, SARS has little impact on the demand of the electronic information industry, but it will inevitably affect the market demand of electronic information products in the long run, including exports, personal consumption and investment consumption. In terms of personal consumption, some electronic information products, such as visual products, will have a number of counter current growth; In terms of exports, at present, electronic information products have accounted for 30% of national exports. If SARS cannot be eliminated in the short term, it will affect export transactions

The impact of

on export transactions is reflected in two aspects. On the one hand, affected by personnel exchanges, electronic information products will be affected to a certain extent in order to adapt to the application of foam granulator in the new era. Taking the Canton Fair as an example, the contract turnover of the Canton Fair in 2002 and 2013 was US $16.9 billion. However, the contract turnover of the Canton Fair in April 2003 was only 4.42 billion US dollars, and the trading volume decreased significantly, while electronic information products accounted for 40% of the trading volume of the Canton Fair. SARS has had a certain impact on the export of electronic information products; On the other hand, after China's accession to the WTO, non-tariff barriers are becoming an important factor impeding the export of China's electronic information products. China has become the most serious disaster area of SARS in the world. SARS may become a new non-tariff barrier. International trade friction and other factors will have a certain impact on the economic trend

SARS affects investment in electronic information industry. Foreign capital has become an important source of funds for the development of China's electronic information industry. The output value of foreign capital and Sino foreign joint ventures accounts for more than 50% of the country's total output value, and exports account for more than 70% of the country. At present, about 15% of the foreign capital introduction is invested in the electronic information industry. SARS will affect the confidence of investors. The epidemic will cause potential investors to cancel their plans to visit China and postpone business negotiations. On the other hand, the basic factors affecting investment decisions are long-term factors such as labor costs

if SARS is eliminated in a short time, the impact on investment will be limited. If the impact of SARS exceeds half a year, pressing the tightening button on the oil control box to clamp the sample will affect foreign investment in China's electronic information industry, and may lead to a significant weakening of the confidence of consumers and investors

recently, Solomon Smith Barney's research report believes that the impact of SARS on foreign direct investment and trade is not obvious in the short term, but ultimately, investment and trade can only be achieved through travel and meetings, not just by calling and faxing. This incident will encourage foreign investors to "not put their eggs in one basket" and consider diversification and diversification

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