Daily use knowledge of the hottest printer

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Daily use knowledge of printers

daily use knowledge of printers:

for users who often use printers, common settings of printers and common troubleshooting of printers. Some of the daily use of printers may still be relatively strange. Now let's introduce the analysis of solutions to these problems

set the color effect of inkjet printer. For users who often print color samples and photos, they may encounter this problem during the experiment process of hydraulic universal testing machine, that is, the display effect of the printed pattern on the display cannot accurately match the color effect of the output samples in 1 time, and this situation is very common, After all, there is a gap between the color performance ability of the display and the real sample ability. Then the author will introduce some methods for users to realize

● printer self-test

printer self-test includes settings such as print head correction and cleaning print head. These self-test can help users judge whether the printer can correctly generate color

● printer driver check

the printing preferences in most printer drivers will provide color matching options, which enable users to achieve fine-grained on each color. The vertical universal testing machine can do micro adjustment of material stretching

● light in the working area

light in the working environment is equally important. Some surrounding or dazzling lights will have a negative impact on the display color of the display, and the difference can not be accurately observed when comparing the print output and the display image, so the lighting effect in the working area and the brightness contrast adjustment of the display are also very important

● graphics card driver

the color information of the driver of some color printers is read from the graphics card in the computer. If the color cannot be correctly and completely matched, users can consider upgrading the graphics card driver of the computer

● paper and ink problems

printing media such as some glossy photo papers cannot be exposed to the sun for a long time, and the discomfort of temperature and humidity will also affect the normal performance of color; In addition, the print quality will be affected by the use time of the ink. The ink cartridge will have a service life. If it exceeds the service life of the ink cartridge, it is necessary to consider replacing the ink cartridge

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