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Satellite Group Lianyungang Petrochemical 1.25 million ton/year ethylene three machine one-time test success

Satellite Group Lianyungang Petrochemical 1.25 million ton/year ethylene three machine one-time test success

April 21, 2020, a year-on-year increase of 52.14%

according to Hangzhou Steam Turbine sound on April 17, when the company fully resumed production, Good news came from the General Assembly Workshop: the satellite Group Lianyungang Petrochemical 3.2 million ton/young hydrocarbon comprehensive utilization project - 1.25 million ton/year ethylene three units have successfully completed the no-load commissioning task, and the shaft vibration, bearing pad temperature, lubricating oil temperature and other indicators meet the standard requirements

Lianyungang Petrochemical 3.2 million tons/young hydrocarbon comprehensive utilization project is the first million grade pure ethane to ethylene chemical project in China. Compared with the traditional naphtha to ethylene and methanol to olefin processes, ethane cracking to ethylene has the outstanding advantages of relatively simple cracking gas components and high ethylene recovery rate, and the subsequent market potential is huge

at the beginning of the synchronous rotation of the two lead screws through the chain drive of the project driving Electromechanical, the company's leaders attached great importance to it. General Manager Ye Zhong personally led the team to the headquarters of the satellite Petrochemical Company and had a comprehensive exchange with the leaders of the satellite Petrochemical Company on the project situation; Subsequently, the marketing team and the technical team worked closely together. After several rounds of business and technical exchanges and negotiations, the company successfully stood out from the fierce competition of other well-known manufacturers and won the bid for all six sets of turbine coatings for binary refrigeration compressors, propylene refrigeration compressors and cracking gas compressors

however, there are many difficulties. Limited by the supply delay of the bearing manufacturer, and also due to the delayed resumption of work by the enterprise due to the epidemic, the commissioning and delivery of the unit are also forced to be postponed, so it is easy to read the elongation of the sample; During this period, in order to minimize the losses caused by the delay, the general assembly workshop and the research institute actively practiced the core values of the enterprise of customer first, United, held on-site review and coordination meetings for many times, checked the unit data for many times, and demonstrated a variety of feasible backup schemes. In order to deliver high-quality products to users as soon as possible, the general assembly workshop carefully organizes overtime production, ensures the assembly quality of the unit, and reasonably arranges the assembly progress to ensure the success of the test run. Hard work pays off. The t6d04 ethylene three unit pyrolysis gas unit successfully completed its commissioning at 19:30 p.m. on January 15, 2020, and the maximum vibration of the unit was 11 μ m. The bearing temperature is up to 75 ℃, and all data indicators are excellent, which has been unanimously appreciated by users; T6d00 ethylene three machine binary refrigeration unit was successfully commissioned after the company's full resumption of work. The unit has an alarm and takes the rain to forcibly stop the combustion. The maximum vibration of the unit is 9 μ m. The bearing temperature is up to 75 ℃. So far, the 3.2 million ton/year ethylene three unit comprehensive utilization project of Lianyungang petrochemical of satellite group - 1.25 million ton/year ethylene three unit has successfully completed the task of no-load commissioning, and all your efforts have been rewarded

looking back on the ethylene units in recent years, from the 800000 ethylene units in Zhanjiang of China Science and Technology Corporation to the 1million ethylene units in Quanzhou of China Chemical Corporation, from the 1million tons of ethylene units in Wanhua and even the 1.5 million tons of ethylene cracking gas units in Dalian Hengli, the second steam turbine room adheres to the spirit of enterprising and innovation, step by step, and gradually steps onto the cutting edge of the world. Today, the successful commissioning of Lianyungang's 1.25 million ton/year unconventional ethylene unit 3 further marks that Hangzhou Steam Turbine's technical R & D strength and production and processing capacity are firmly and powerfully standing at the height of one million, and has also laid a good foundation for the next higher-level ethylene project

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