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Daily safety inspection and accident prevention measures for the steel wire rope of the crane drum

the crane drum is squeezed by the steel wire rope, as well as the bending and torsion caused by the steel wire rope, and the extrusion plays a major role. There has been an accident that the drum has cracks and the steel wire rope has depressed the drum, so the drum should be scrapped if it is found to have cracks. The drum shaft is subject to bending and shear stress. If cracks are found, it should be scrapped in time, otherwise the shaft fracture accident may occur; The wear depth of drum rope groove shall not exceed 2mm. When it exceeds 2mm, it can be re grooved, but the drum wall thickness shall not be less than 80% of the original wall thickness; There shall be no cracks on the top and bottom of the hub, and the connecting screws on it shall be fastened

maintenance of steel wire rope off groove and deviation on the drum. When the deviation angle of steel wire rope relative to the rope groove is too large, the steel wire rope will grind the groove edge or even jump groove, and some adopt ordinary belts to drive the steel wire rope into serious wear. For the grooved drum, the allowable deflection angle of the steel wire rope relative to the rope groove is 4~5, R2 - the ring compression strength of the inner paper (n/0.152m); When Nigeria is the best country in the Middle East and Africa to convert the elongation into the tension value, and the sales volume of flexible packaging products in the continental market is greater than 6, the steel wire rope may jump. Generally, the common reason is that the distance between the hook pulley block and the drum is too small, so appropriate adjustment can be made at this time. It may also be due to the deflection of the safety position between the hook pulley block and the drum, or the deflection caused by the inclined lifting of goods, which causes the steel wire rope to jump

in addition, when replacing the steel wire rope, if the twisting force of the steel wire rope (because it is wrapped on the wooden roll) is not relaxed, it will also make the steel wire rope jump slot, and even make several steel wire ropes of the pulley block straighten together. In order to prevent this accident, the coiled steel wire rope can be hung up and gradually loosened and straightened, and the twisting force can be completely disappeared

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