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SARS inadvertently set off an e-commerce boom

the occurrence of SARS inadvertently set off an e-commerce boom. Recently, there has been a substantial growth in Shanghai trade, and e-commerce stations facing individuals and enterprises are bustling

the most practical trade in Shanghai

SARS has brought two puzzles to enterprises: first, SARS has caused great psychological panic to business people at home and abroad, and some enterprises are facing cancellation or delay of overseas orders, which has greatly affected their business; Second, under the shadow of SARS, the business personnel of various companies dare not travel, local exhibitions are closed, and the market promotion of many products is at a standstill. The most serious thing is that no one knows when the SARS storm will end. If an enterprise's sales channel is blocked for several months, its losses will be incalculable

due to their small scale and poor anti risk ability, how can small and medium-sized enterprises overcome the difficulties? Experts believe that the impact of adverse factors can be weakened in several ways. First, to do business; Second, use overseas branches or representatives to rely on overseas staff to participate in relevant exhibitions and trade fairs when domestic personnel cannot flow; Third, we should strengthen contacts with representatives and offices of international buyers in mainland China and expand business through them

shopping is also fashionable

for most small and medium-sized enterprises, the last two of these three ways are difficult to achieve due to their own strength, and doing business should be the safest way to save the market in this extraordinary period. For them, trading is the most reliable means to obtain orders at this time. On the other hand, more and more people choose to stay at home and shop, which also makes orders at retail stations increase rapidly

according to the statistics of a retail station, the sales volume in March is based on the weighing method, which is based on the weight change of 12million yuan before and after the experiment, and the order volume remains at more than 4000 copies per day. After April, the sales volume has reached 15million yuan, an increase of 25% over the whole month in March, and the order volume is basically about 5000 every day

in addition to retail stations, e-commerce stations that provide business information for enterprises are also more popular than usual. The data of an enterprise e-commerce service station pointed out that the business demand information published on the station every day last year has been that fiber reinforced hydrogels have many potential uses, holding at about 3000, and this period has rapidly increased to 9000 a day, which has increased by more than three times

the recent statistical data of the famous domestic business Alibaba station can also reflect this dynamic of the enterprise:

the number of new members increased by 50% over the previous quarter

the number of new business opportunities per day reached 9000 to 12000, an increase of 3 times over last year

the number of feedback from international buyers on business opportunities doubled from the previous quarter

the number of searches of 30 popular Chinese goods by international buyers increased by four times

the number of Chinese supplier customers increased by 2 times over the same period last year

Experts point out that although the losses caused by SARS are inevitable, as long as enterprises make full use of various scientific and technological means and break through the traditional business model, they can still obtain business opportunities. As a new way of trade, in the face of SARS, the advantages of network trade are prominent, which is not limited by time and space, and does not need personnel contact. Therefore, network trade is attracting more and more businessmen's attention. For example, the just concluded spring Canton Fair accounted for $1.3 billion of the total export transactions of $4.42 billion, which is still the largest event of China's traditional trade, Canton Fair, which more fully reflects the potential of network trade

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