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Chenming Paper subsidiary issued RMB 500million notes

Chenming paper held its second extraordinary general meeting in 2013 on december16,2010, which considered and passed the proposal on providing guarantee for the wholly-owned subsidiary Si Chenming (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd. to issue RMB 500million notes in the Hong Kong market to supplement its daily working capital, The issuance period is no more than 5 years. Meanwhile, the company provides credit guarantee for Chenming (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd. to issue RMB 500million bills in the Hong Kong market

Chenming (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd. has successfully issued RMB 500000000 bills due in April 2014 on April 13, 2011, which are guaranteed by the company

the company provides unconditional guarantee for all amounts payable by the issuer under RMB notes. The interest rate of the RMB bills issued this time is 2.95% per year and you can pay the bill interest every six months. The issuance date of RMB notes is april13,2011. Since October 13, 2011, the transformation of ideology and management mode can not be ignored. The interest payment date is April 13 and October 13 every year. The proceeds from the issuance of RMB bills will be used as the working capital of Chenming (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd

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