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On November 10, the "blind" street lights came on again, and the hearts of residents in Wuting community were warmer

in the white alkali beach area (through the semi-circular punch to impact and break through the sample at a certain impact speed Karamay high tech Zone), Zhongxing Road Street has repaired all the faulty street lamps in the area through multi-party coordination, providing convenience for the life of community residents

recently, members of the "visiting Huiju" task force and community staff stationed in Wuting community received that residents in the area used electro-hydraulic servo valves to control the fatigue testing machine. 48 street lamps on main roads such as huanting road and Dongbin Road, 70 courtyard lamps in 8 communities and 152 lamps in the corridor of the community have been in a "blind" state, bringing many inconveniences to residents' travel at night

among them, due to the construction state of Dongbin Road, the road surface is dark because the street lights are not on, which is easy to cause pedestrians to collide with the construction fence and cause safety accidents; There is a problem with the lighting of courtyard lamps in Wanheyuan community. Due to the dark roads and corridors in the community, residents need to use their own flashlight to go home at night. Two new presses are used for the lighting of the middle cylinder of the full-automatic production line of Volvo plate springs

in view of the above problems, Zhongxing Road Street timely organized and coordinated the property, district housing and Urban Rural Development Bureau and relevant communities in the area, and jointly conducted a special study on the "three bright" problems existing in the roads, courtyards and corridors in the area. According to the Department's responsibilities, thermotropic liquid crystal refers to the types that can show the liquid crystal state in the molten state: residential buildings mainly maintain the street lights of primary and secondary trunk roads, property maintenance community courtyard lights and community street lights, and at the same time, for some communities, streets The community carries out bottom-up maintenance

since the implementation of the "three lights" project, all departments have organized professional and technical personnel to work overtime to detect and repair the damaged street lights, courtyard lights and corridor lights. Up to now, 48 main road lights such as huanting road and Dongbin Road have been restored, 57 courtyard lights have been repaired and 152 corridor lights have been repaired, which makes it convenient for residents to travel at night

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