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Street lamp maintenance personnel have trained their eyes to be the city's "palm lamp"

Song Qinwu and his colleagues patrol the operation of street lamps day after day, and are more prepared for festivals

on the evening of January 20, 12, the software reserves a database interface. Song Qinwu, the street lamp maintenance personnel of the city lighting center of the municipal public utility service center, and his colleagues patrol Beihai Road together to troubleshoot in time. Song Qinwu said that as the Spring Festival approaches, it is necessary to ensure that the "China Red" butterfly street lamp on Beihai Road does not fail. It is their bounden duty to guard the city so that no street lamp will go out

the street lights were scrupulously patrolled

at about 7:30 p.m. on January 20, the street lights on Beihai Road, the urban landscape Avenue, had already been on. Street lights in the color of "China Red" are like butterflies flapping their wings to fly, flashing in the night sky, adding a different flavor to the city and creating a strong festival atmosphere for the upcoming Spring Festival

in this festive atmosphere, song Qinwu and his colleagues drove street lamp patrol vehicles on Beihai Road, but the speed was slightly slower. Song Qinwu kept his eyes on the street lamps and observed the operation of each lamp

when the vehicle drove to the intersection of Beihai Road and Liyuan Street universal tensile test motor sub tensile machine, which adopts the full digital, closed-loop (force, deformation, displacement) control system based on Neuron Adaptive PID algorithm, song Qinwu asked his colleague to stop the car. He got out of the car and carefully observed a street lamp post beside the road, and found something wrong. With tools, he asked his colleagues to send him in midair with an aerial work vehicle, and song Qinwu repaired one side of the lamp arm. After more than ten minutes, he returned to the road and checked the street lamp again. Then he picked up his tools with confidence

song Qinwu said that just now he noticed that the lamp arm of this street lamp post was slightly skewed. Although the range was not large, he still noticed it, so he immediately repaired it. Although it is only a minor fault, if it is not repaired in time, it may cause great losses

at the intersection of Beihai Road and Tongyin street, song Qinwu asked his colleagues to stop the car and overhaul a street lamp in the air. There was no significant difference between this street lamp and other street lamps on the ground, but song Qinwu noticed that the halo of the street lamp was somewhat abnormal, and it was found that the problem was not serious after maintenance

"we walk on the road every day, staring at the street lamp with our eyes. We have a general idea of what the fault is, and generally can find it in time. Small faults can be eliminated on the spot. If there is a big fault, we need to replace the street lamp directly." Song Qinwu said with a smile

the work content is cumbersome. They began to work in the afternoon and were busy late into the night.

Song Qinwu told them that their work content is cumbersome and they need to maintain a high degree of attention at all times. Generally speaking, night is their inspection time, so they need to keep patrolling on the road, focusing on the lighting conditions on the road, whether there are light sources that are not bright or abnormal brightness, and find out the reasons in time. Also check whether the street lamp post is in good condition and whether there is a similar situation of being hit by a car. Then, check the situation reflected by some citizens or the problems collected by 12319 on site, and troubleshoot the existing faults

the working hours of street lamp maintenance personnel are generally from 1 p.m. to about 11 p.m. "Going to work in the afternoon is mainly to prevent emergencies, and repair some faults that are difficult to maintain and difficult to operate at night." Song Qinwu said that when you go to work at night, you can intuitively find the problems of street lamps

before, song Qinwu was responsible for a very wide range of road sections, and the workload was also particularly heavy. After the institutional reform of our city, the maintenance of street lamps was delegated to all districts, and their focus was on Beihai Road

"Beihai Road is the leading landscape Avenue in the urban area, representing our city image. Now several of us are responsible for the normal operation of the street lights on Beihai Road. If there is any big problem, we can't accept it ourselves." Song Qinwu said with a smile

the streetlights are getting higher and higher, so we need to cultivate the ability of working at heights.

Song Qinwu and his colleagues can still concentrate on their work even at an altitude of more than ten meters. Song Qinwu told that with the rapid development of the city, the street lights in the urban area have become higher and higher, which has brought great trouble to the work of emergency repair personnel. The highest streetlights are about 18 meters. To overhaul them, it is required that the first-aid repair personnel must be trained to work at heights. Moreover, although the component development method is used due to the particularity of the nature of streetlights, they must also work at heights, which is difficult to imagine

"now the working conditions are good and the equipment is advanced. With this kind of fault handling vehicle, as long as the emergency repair personnel stand in the high operation bucket, the fault handling vehicle will send you to the location where the street lamp fails, which is convenient for operation." Song Qinwu said that the reason why the emergency repair personnel looked relaxed was that they concentrated all their body and mind on the maintenance of street lamps and did not dare to look down at them at all. Otherwise, in such high midair, looking at the ground was easy to dizzy, and people with acrophobia could not do this job

song Qinwu told them that their work was not only irregular, but also dirty and tired. High altitude work and live line work also had great potential safety hazards. Therefore, most emergency repair personnel did not adapt to this work when they first came into contact. He himself also experienced such a process. However, as he worked longer and longer, his mentality changed significantly. Units and citizens often send brocade flags to the emergency repair team, praising them as the city's messenger of light

New Year's Eve should also be inspected, leaving more opportunities for reunion to colleagues

Song Qinwu began to engage in street lamp maintenance in 2006, and the Spring Festival is coming soon. For him and his colleagues, new year's Eve is not much different from every night in normal times. "Almost all of us have the experience of being away from home and staying on the road on New Year's Eve. This is a routine and not worth mentioning." Song Qinwu told that during his years of work, almost every new year's Eve, he would stick to his post and could not accompany his family at home. "This job is like this. The more it comes to the time of family reunion such as the Mid Autumn Festival and the Spring Festival, the less it is allowed for the failure of street lights. For 'night walkers' like us, it means that we need to work overtime at any time."

knowing the difficulty of this job, song Qinwu often competes to be on duty on New Year's Eve and tries to give more opportunities for reunion to his colleagues

it is reported that in order to welcome the 2020 Spring Festival and ensure a safe and stable lighting environment and a festive atmosphere, the urban lighting center has strengthened safeguard measures to ensure the lighting effect of the urban landscape. According to the working mechanism of major holidays, on the basis of daily inspection, we will further strengthen the "three inspections and one dimension" to ensure the normal operation of night lighting facilities in Beihai Road and the central city. Among them, the maintenance personnel are clearly required to increase the inspection frequency every day, and strengthen the inspection and maintenance of lighting and lighting facilities in key areas and important road sections, so as to ensure the urban lighting effect during the Spring Festival

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