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Nanjing builds smart streetlights. 150 5g base stations are erected on streetlights. Original title: "smart" streetlights make urban and rural areas smarter.

Nanjing Confucius Temple smart streetlights demonstration area. Chen Yan photography

street lights can not only illuminate, automatically adjust the brightness according to time and weather, but also load 5g base stations, collect public safety, transportation, municipal and other information through video, provide one button help, charge and other convenience, and form a smart perception network... Such "smart" street lights have appeared on the streets of Nanjing

it was learned from the press conference held by Nanjing Urban Management Bureau on the 25th that to help the construction of smart city, Nanjing has built 150 5g base stations based on street lighting facilities this year, ranking among the top in the country, laying a good foundation for the full deployment of 5g base stations in 2020. 5g networks along Jiangdong Road and Confucius Temple Scenic Area in Nanjing, which rely on smart light poles, have been able to provide a good network experience for the general public

"smart" streetlights can sing and guide the way

on the morning of the 25th, on dashiba street in Nanjing Confucius Temple scenic area, antique streetlights stood on the street, "my motherland and I" melodious melody was coming from the streetlight pole. Huang Liben, manager of the research and innovation center of Jiangsu future city public space development and Operation Co., Ltd. in the test, said that in November, the construction of 23 smart light poles in dashiba street and dachengdian square of Confucius Temple was completed. According to the demand, smart light poles have different functions. Some street light poles are equipped with interactive screens, so tourists can inquire and make reservations for relevant scenic spots. In case of emergency, they can click for help. At present, the backstage of help is directly connected to the Confucius Temple police office, It is convenient for the scenic spot to quickly send people to solve problems. More importantly, 5g mounting holes and wiring ports are reserved for smart road lamp posts

why use street lamps as the carrier of 5g construction? Wang Wei, general manager of Jiangsu future urban public space development and Operation Co., Ltd., explained that 5g frequency band puts forward extremely high requirements for the continuous coverage of base stations, and the number of 5g base stations will be 1.5-2 times that of 4G. The distance between street light poles is generally 30-35 meters, while the distance between 5g base stations is required to be 100-200 meters. As the most widely distributed and intensive work level, street lamps: Jinan Shijin divides the sales representatives of experimental machine products into four groups according to their working years and deeds: municipal facilities of low-level sales representatives, sales representatives, senior sales representatives and excellent sales representatives, which can meet the site requirements of 5g ultra dense group. Its complete power supply system can also solve the problems of cable laying and power connection in the construction of 5g base stations

existing streetlights do not need to be demolished and rebuilt

"most of the streetlights that have been built are distributed in urban built-up areas, which are places where citizens' experience needs to be improved." Wang Wei said that due to the lack of perfect infrastructure system support, the existing streetlight poles and pipe laying are difficult to fully meet the application loading needs, and cannot provide stable power supply guarantee and reliable communication routes. Therefore, at present, the street lamp renovation in major cities is mostly carried out by demolishing the old and building new ones, which costs a lot

Nanjing urban management department has built an urban lighting information integrated operation platform and a single lamp monitoring and scheduling platform. Using independently developed single lamp control, DTA management system, e-cube and other high and new technologies, it can realize the 24-hour power supply of street lamps and the connection of aboveground and underground communication routes at a lower cost and faster speed, and complete the intelligent transformation of street lamps

"street lamps are not on during the day. Only by installing a controller in the lamp pole for single lamp transformation or using technology to make the street lamps live, can we load various intelligent applications on the street lamps and make all facilities operate." Said xuchunhua, a researcher of Jiangsu future urban public space development and Operation Co., Ltd

at present, the existing street lamps within 1.7 square kilometers around Nanjing Yecheng road have become "smart" first. The street lamps in this demonstration area are loaded with more than 10 functions, such as video monitoring, 5g base station, smart well cover, water level detection, smart trash can, WiFi, dust suppression system, etc., forming a smart city application scenario based on street lamps. "If the manhole cover is flooded, the garbage can overflows, and the fire hydrant is abnormal, the smart road light pole can directly alert the connected backstage." Wang Wei said

Nanjing smart light poles will be fully covered within three years

Jin anfan, Secretary of the Party committee and director of Nanjing Urban Management Bureau, introduced that at present, the city has completed the transformation of more than 25000 street lamps, and it is expected that the full coverage of single lamps in the main city area can be basically achieved within three years. Nanjing also reserved points and tubes for smart light poles covering about 116 new roads and a geographical length of 200 kilometers when applying cyclic stress to the data, with a total number of 7679 poles. It is expected that in about three years, Nanjing smart light pole will basically achieve full coverage of main roads. At that time, the light poles on the main roads in Nanjing will be able to load applications, realize data processing, provide more convenient services for citizens, and help the construction of smart cities

smart streetlight poles are the infrastructure of smart cities, the installation medium, transmission channel and data entry of various applications. Connected smart streetlights can link the life information of road conditions, transportation, medical treatment, environmental protection, parking, etc., and perceive the "pulse" of urban operation. How to maintain the multi-functional street lights loaded with base stations and videos has become particularly important, testing the wisdom of city managers

Nanjing has realized the full life cycle management of 172000 street lamp facilities in the main urban area. With a maintenance radius of 5 kilometers and a response time of half an hour, the maintenance team of more than 100 people has made the street lamp lighting rate in Nanjing reach 9, and then gradually turn down the oil delivery valve by more than 9%. Nanjing urban management department has also continuously improved its technology, upgrading from street lamp circuit management to single lamp management, realizing order type lamp repair and improving the maintenance level. (snow white)

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