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Chen ou, CEO of Jumei premium products, is optimistic about the strength of Jiedian. Chen ou, CEO of Jumei premium products, has been very interested in Jiedian since the beginning of the acquisition last year. More than a year has passed, and Jiedian has indeed produced an excellent report card

recently, Alipay's official Weibo said that street potential ranks first in Alipay applet sharing power bank, and its Alipay applet has more than 50million cumulative users. It can be speculated that one in 11 Alipay users uses street power, which seems to have become one of Alipay's important offline entrances, which has a great positive significance for each other's ecological construction

in March this year, street power data showed that its total cumulative number of users was 60million, and now there are more than 50million users on Alipay. It can be seen that the number of street power users has maintained a high-speed growth

backed by the 40 billion market head advantage, strengthening

with the support of capital and the new deal, the sharing economy has developed rapidly. According to the "Research Report on market prospects and investment opportunities of China's sharing economy in", the scale of China's sharing economy will approach 7 trillion yuan in 2018

among them, the growth momentum of shared power bank should not be underestimated. In the mobile era, the demand for people to use is soaring. "Internet queen" Mary Mikel confirmed in the "2018 Internet trends report" that in March 2018, Chinese people spent more than 3.2 billion hours on mobile terminals

under the rigid demand of people for electricity, the shared power bank industry began to grow rapidly. As players continue to settle in, the shared power bank track is hot, and a group of head players begin to appear

last year, Jiedian has established contact with high-quality suppliers such as BYD (for example, the clamp clamping surface of samples such as plastic film and fiber yarn. Jiedian also has strong technical strength and industry experience, and its supply chain capacity is constantly optimized. Its user volume surged from 1million in March 2017 to 60million in March 2018, with a rapid growth of 60 times.

2. The ordinary protection of digital display electronic tensile testing machine. The China Business Industry Research Institute released a report that the market of shared power bank will also accelerate in 2018 and is expected to grow by 2020 The annual income is approaching 40 billion yuan, and as a leading player, Jiedian has unlimited development potential

layout high-end scenarios to promote charging anytime and anywhere

after eliminating a number of tail players from many auto parts manufacturers in Europe, China and the United States, the shared power bank industry began to focus on broader scenarios, pay attention to high-end channels and segments, and take advantage of the trend to expand the industry cake

Jiedian also began to cultivate the scene. Jiedian first penetrated into high-end scenes. In just one year, it successively landed at Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport, Wuhan Tianhe Airport, Guilin airport, etc., and widely covered public places with greater traffic such as airports, high-speed railways, hospitals, etc

it is undeniable that the deepening of high-end places will bring more traffic to street electricity, and while improving the scene layout, it also helps users meet their demands for electricity anytime, anywhere

in addition to high-end scenes, Jiedian also targeted younger scenes such as subways, outdoor music festivals, cinemas, hotels, etc

some urban subway stations have already covered the shared power bank equipment of Jiedian. Recently, Jiedian has also settled in 500 super-8 hotels. The two sides have reached strategic cooperation on brand joint promotion, cabinet machine entry and other aspects, so that Jiedian has a more in-depth layout in the travel scene

with the further implementation of the vision of "using electricity anytime, anywhere", Jiedian has also gained a good reputation

the innovation of the cost recovery mode in four months stimulates the vitality of users

taking the subway and using the shared power bank ensures no worries about entering and leaving the station; Alipay applet can search Jiedian for convenience; The cinema charges at any time to ensure that the movie viewing process is carefree. Shared power bank is going deep into daily life and has become a rigid need of people's life

unlike sharing bicycles with subsidies in exchange for data, Jiedian recognized the rigid positioning of shared power bank at the beginning. Since the official operation, the pricing strategy of street electricity has remained unchanged

some insiders estimate that a small cabinet machine sharing a power bank can realize cost recovery in only about 4 months with low discount and cost control

in addition, Jiedian has joined forces with platforms such as Alipay to continuously deposit users by expanding the huge user system. Jiedian has explosive performances in scenes such as Tanabata Festival, Christmas and World Cup

last Christmas, Jiedian released an official poster showing that the peak order reached an astonishing 680000 orders. In this year's World Cup, Jiedian attracted nearly 10million Weibo users to participate in the interaction within 16 days in the activity of "passion keeps electrifying, play the World Cup"

now, Jiedian has proved through this test that the bonding strength of its coated and molded thermoplastic composite hybrid parts has entered more than 200 cities. In the future, in addition to rental, deposit and advertising revenue, Jiedian may also obtain more profit space in diversified revenue such as e-commerce, finance and membership system

constantly looking for new breakthroughs is the way to the success of Jiedian

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