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Laizhou streetlight comprehensive "physical examination" beautifies the night scene to welcome the "double festival"

Laizhou Municipal Bureau of housing and urban rural development streetlight management department staff are overhauling streetlights

Volkswagen Laizhou, September 21 (correspondent Ma Lianwei, Li Haiyan, sun Guodong) recently, I learned from the streetlight management department of Laizhou Municipal Bureau of housing and urban rural development that in order to create a safe and peaceful Festival lighting and travel environment for citizens, Laizhou streetlight Department staff should start as soon as possible and make a scientific overall plan, Increase the overall overhaul and maintenance of more than 20000 street lamp landscape lighting facilities, 135 sets of ancillary facilities, 131 intelligent operation stations and more than 1700 single lamp control systems with limited experimental data to be stored in Laizhou, strive to present the charm of the magnificent and colorful urban night landscape, and welcome the arrival of the "double festival"

on September 19, when patrolling the Yexian Park, the staff found that the lighting facilities at the pavilion of Yexian park had been artificially damaged, resulting in dim lights, which caused unnecessary trouble to several Peking Opera lovers present that night. However, considering the needs of citizens for night activities, despite the bad weather, the staff of the street lamp square management section of the Municipal Bureau of housing and urban rural development immediately repaired the lighting facilities. "In order to improve work efficiency, we usually organize staff to carry out patrol and maintenance at night to ensure the stable operation of the facilities. For problems that cannot be solved that day, we leave them to be dealt with during the day." Wang Chuanjie, chief of the street lamp square management section of Laizhou housing and Urban Rural Development Bureau, introduced

it is understood that this centralized "physical examination" not only requires the maintenance of street lamp light source appliances to ensure the urban lighting rate of primary and secondary trunk roads, but also requires the inspection of street lamp box transformer, distribution box and intelligent station, which also determines that the structure of the tension machine is checked to every detail and part inside, aiming to eliminate hidden dangers and ensure the safe operation of street lamp lighting facilities. For the past few days, the staff of Laizhou street lamp office have worked overtime to implement the lump sum and investigation. Once the hidden trouble is found, the problems that the traditional ultraviolet absorbent will react with it will be rectified. If the rectification is not completed at the moment, it will be rectified within a time limit to do a good job in the safety of "double section" street lamp lighting

in addition, in order to enrich the atmosphere of holiday squares, the street lamp Department of Laizhou Municipal Bureau of housing and urban rural development also specially strengthened the lighting and beautification of 12 bridge led facilities in 35 square parks in the urban area, and conducted comprehensive inspection and maintenance on more than 50 places for the elderly, further providing safer and more convenient lighting conditions for citizens' leisure travel

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