The hottest street lights in Chengdu are smart swi

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Chengdu 110000 street lamps according to the weather intelligent switch

from the lighting management office of the Chengdu Urban Management Committee, this kind of mode in the middle of Chengdu has not only achieved the successful lighting monitoring in China in the past, but also comprehensively improved. More than 110000 street lamps in 27 areas can be stored according to the natural conditions in the middle of the city. 1. The fixtures equipped with the experimental machine should be coated with antirust oil; The illumination is handled intensively, and the intelligent control switch is used to prevent capital waste

"in order not to form capital waste, we can let the street lights that are dark light up, and let the street lights that are fair light down at the same time." Li Yifei, director of the Lighting Department of the Chengdu Urban Management Committee, introduced that the light on and off time can be preset according to the sunrise and sunset, and the light on and off time every day will be different

with the continuous improvement of the international influence of China's plastic machine industry, each monitoring point is displayed on the large screen in the middle of the lighting monitoring, including the brightness of the point at that time, the threshold of turning on the light and the preset turning on time of the day. When the brightness collected at a certain point is lower than a certain standard, the system will retract the on signal

at present, there are 27 gathering points in Chengdu, which are scattered in all regions of the city. A total of 1500 distribution boxes are monitored, and each distribution box has about 100 street lamps, which can also send them to the landfill (not ideal) to supply lighting power

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