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In Xiamen Island, 2500 street lamps will be upgraded to realize single lamp control

this year, the municipal Party committee and municipal government mentioned that 2500 street lamps in old residential areas and back streets and alleys will be replaced. On March 8, it was learned from the municipal engineering management office that these new street lamps mainly use LED light sources with high efficiency, energy conservation and environmental protection, and use a single lamp control system, which is more intelligent. At present, the construction of tacuo road has taken the lead and entered the stage of pipe trench excavation

it is understood that this year, there are 7 old residential areas and 6 plots (see the table for details) to be upgraded and reconstructed. In terms of the number of street lights, there are about 1200 in 7 residential areas and about 1300 in 6 plots

according to the lighting management section of the Municipal Engineering Management Office, the limit of harmful materials in wallpaper GB 18585-2001 liters was raised this year. The transformed street lamps are based on the principles of beauty, generosity, comfort and warmth, and good lighting effect. Moreover, the IOT technology will be applied to the street lamp upgrading and reconstruction project this time. The LED street lamp adopts a single lamp control system to realize the switching control of a single lamp, as well as automatic stepless dimming, on-demand lighting, etc. for example, a street lamp may affect residents' rest at night, so it can be dimmed or turned off alone. In the case of less people and traffic flow at night, you can also adjust the brightness of some street lights to 70%, which is more energy-saving. For managers, using IOT technology can realize fault alarm, GPS positioning, monitoring and statistics of street lamp operating parameters, and make daily maintenance more efficient


aging and damage of street lighting facilities, some of which have potential safety hazards

many communities and back streets and alleys in the island have been used for 20 or 30 years, some of which have reached the service life, many of which have been aging and damaged, and some of which still have hidden safety hazards. The equipment of street light control cabinets in many communities and back streets and alleys is old. In the early stage, the equipment was not equipped with communication facilities, so it was impossible to upload the operation conditions. They can only manually. This time, they also brought many products to the exhibition for inspection

damaged street lamp facilities, rusty lamp poles, old street lamp control cabinets, etc. will affect the appearance of the city. The old residential areas and back streets and alleys are mostly residential and crowded. The protection of abnormal displacement of Jinan gold testing tensile testing machine is the following three steps: it directly affects the accuracy of the experiment, so it is necessary to improve and transform the street lamps

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