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Strength into the list of China's top 500 enterprise patents released Zoomlion ranks first in the industry

strength into the list of China's top 500 enterprise patents released Zoomlion ranks first in the industry

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recently, the list of "China's top 500 enterprise patents" was released in Guangzhou to change the operation process of experimental machines. The list mainly focuses on the comprehensive evaluation of enterprises' patent layout strategy, patent application quality and patent technology innovation. Zoomlion, a leading enterprise in China's equipment manufacturing, ranks 186th, ranking first in the industry, once again demonstrating its strong innovation strength

▲ the list of the top 500 Chinese enterprise patents was released, and Zoomlion ranked 186.

it is understood that the list of the top 500 Chinese enterprise patents was jointly released by HUAFA lyre national intellectual property operation platform, Suoyi interactive (Beijing) Information Technology Co., Ltd. and Guangdong enterprise brand construction Promotion Association. The list sets 9 evaluation indicators, including quantity, homology, patent and exclusivity, and adopts the method of "artificial intelligence + big data analysis" to calculate, count and analyze the patents of enterprises registered in China, and finally get the score of enterprise patent strength. Zoomlion's comprehensive score is 82.10, ranking first in the construction machinery industry

▲ Zoomlion won the "double crown" award of China Patent Gold Award and China Design Gold Award

as an enterprise incubated from the system reform of scientific research institutes, Zoomlion has a strong "innovation gene", has been selected into the top 100 innovative enterprises in Chinese Mainland, and has won two Chinese patent gold awards, fifteen Chinese patent Excellence Awards and "China's top 10 independent innovation capabilities". The company has a strong R & D innovation system, domestic and foreign R & D teams, and a smooth operation of the industry university research cooperation mechanism. At the same time, it also has a deep cultural heritage of intellectual property protection and a perfect intellectual property management system, and has always attached importance to the intellectual property of innovative achievements

▲ Zoomlion's 3200 ton crawler crane, which applied the gold medal winning patent of China's patent, participated in the dome hoisting of "Hualong No.1"

up to now, Zoomlion has applied for nearly 10000 patents, including more than 3300 domestic invention patents called "partners". They are fine-tuning polymers, more than 260 foreign invention patents, and more than 200 non patented innovative technologies, which have effectively improved product quality and core competitiveness, Make it the core driving force for product upgrading and enterprise innovation and development, with an increase of more than 53% over 2018. In addition, the company emphasizes the cultivation of high-value patents, focuses on intelligent technology and industrial interconnection technology, realizes new breakthroughs in the layout of traditional industrial patents, continues to promote industrial technological progress, and leads made in China to leap to the high-end brand of the global value chain with innovation

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