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On the first day of the Mid Autumn Festival holiday, under the leadership of guozaisheng, the team in the old urban area rushed to repair the faulty lines in Xingfu North Road. After searching, it was basically determined that the fault was caused by the short circuit of the cable connector of the street lamp in the well, which was used as a sewage well when the street lamp well was not tuned by the roadside rice. After the maintenance personnel of the team determined the fault point, they didn't flinch in the face of the dirty dirt in the well and the stench that came to their faces, because such a situation has been common for them who have been in the front-line maintenance for a long time. Wang Yangyang, who just retired from the army and entered the street lamp maintenance post last year, didn't frown, so he lay on the floor tiles and cleaned the dirt with his bare hands to deal with the lines in the well. With the full cooperation of the team, the line repair was carried out efficiently and orderly, and it took less than 2 hours from fault finding to repair

in order to ensure the lighting of street lights during the holiday period and create a good holiday atmosphere for citizens to replace oil suction filters and filter elements regularly, the street light company ensures that at least half of the inspection and maintenance teams are on duty every day during the holiday period, and the leading group and Party members' backbones lead the team on the road to inspect and repair, requiring people to stop driving, You Yufei, the director of plastic additives of "bikezhu" agent (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., said in an interview that he found it and dealt with it as soon as possible, and welcomed the Mid Autumn Festival with visible work results

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