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Traditional communication methods need to be changed urgently. Twilio launched programmable fax technology

according to foreign media VentureBeat, twilio can now be used with fax machines

established in 2007, twilio is a cloud communication company, which was listed in June last year. By building voice infrastructure web services in the cloud, developers can integrate voice, SMS, IP or VoIP and video call services into web, mobile and desktop applications. In fact, twilio provides a platform that integrates multiple communication functions. Internet companies only need to access the API of twilio's widely used environmental experimental facilities, such as high temperature, low temperature and damp heat experimental boxes, to contact customers. For example, if you register an account on a meal ordering app, the app will give you the following types of information: when the meal is ready, when it arrives, the latest recharge discount information, and so on. In the past, these information required software developers to create their own interfaces and negotiate with local operators. Twilio provides such a platform, which can do all this by simply accessing the company's API, reducing the cost of Internet companies to contact customers

On Friday, twilio announced the launch of programmable fax, a service that allows applications to send and receive faxes. This function is a little strange to most people, because fax machines have many types in many industries and are no longer the main communication tool, but there are still enterprises that rely on fax machines in all walks of life. Twilio's products not only meet the desire of these enterprises to improve the modernization of communication, but also allow them to maintain their formed working habits. What twilio does is to automate and network the traditional workflow

Patrick malatack, product manager of twilio, believes that the introduction of this function can bring benefits to the company and customers, because it integrates applications with old workflow and devices. Developers can integrate programmable faxes into their applications. When sending a fax, the user needs the twilio number with fax function, the recipient number and the media address that can be found. When you need to send a fax, users can send a request to twilio by post. Twilio will connect to a pre specified address and provide PDF grid selection. Copper powder catalyst and flake copper powder with high added value are the core products to seize the market and take the lead in the conversion. For example, if a user needs to submit a signed mortgage application to the bank, he can complete it with his finger, and the bank or lender will also provide a legal fax copy

twilio's programmable fax fee is US $0.01 per page. It is only allowed to use Dynesys in the case of financing. This technology can only be realized in the United States and Canada, and will be extended to different countries and regions in succession

earlier this month, twilio has developed an answering machine and voice mailbox that can help developers deal with annoying questions. This function can identify who answered and immediately call the program to inform the caller. In addition, it can detect the end of the greeting of the answering machine and call back the application after the end of the greeting. This allows developers to leave a complete message on the transponder without any disconnected or delayed messages

technology companies with business contacts with twilio are distributed in many industries. For example, sharing economy startups Uber and airbnb, instant messaging company WhatsApp, cloud storage company box, SaaS company salesforce, e-commerce eBay, Shopify, streaming media company Hulu, etc. Twilio's competitors include nexmo and tropo, which were acquired by Vonage and Cisco respectively. Twilio also needs to face the market competition participated by the two giants in the future

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