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Traditional food is luxury packaged into gifts: moon cakes are expensive but no "flavor"

Mid Autumn Festival, family reunion, taste moon cakes, and share the relationship. The round moon cakes embody the common people's expectations for national peace and security, their prayers for good weather and good harvests, and their pursuit of happiness. September 25 this year is the Mid Autumn Festival. However, when you enter the dazzling Mianyang moon cake market, your feeling is: why can't today's moon cakes taste the same as before

The Mid Autumn Festival is approaching. In some supermarkets and shopping malls in Mianyang, you can see a dazzling array of moon cakes. Boxes of beautifully packaged moon cakes are expensive. Some moon cakes are also accompanied by high-end cigarettes and alcohol, gold and silver jewelry, tea and tea sets, etc. the moon cakes that were originally the protagonists have become a foil. It is found that these luxurious moon cakes, which are prone to thousands of yuan, are watched by many people and bought by few people. Ordinary citizens hardly buy them near the demand to tighten the common account. Even some buyers, it seems, are mostly bought as gifts. Many citizens lament that although the price of today's moon cakes is expensive, their taste is weak, and they almost lose the specific identity of traditional festival food and become a gift

last year, the General Administration of quality inspection and quarantine and the National Standardization Commission began to implement the mandatory national standard GB "moon cake", which defines moon cake as: using flour and other grain powder, oil, sugar or no sugar to make a cake skin, wrapping various fillings, and processing it into a traditional festival food mainly used in the Mid Autumn Festival. "Moon cakes" also stipulates that the cost of packaging cannot exceed 25% of the price of moon cakes

when talking about the topic of mid autumn moon cakes with an old comrade in the business community, he said: over the years, while the moon cake culture has been respected by people, it has been led astray by merchants. It should not be given various special added values to moon cakes, and it has become a special carrier unrelated to eating, which has its deeper social reasons. Like high priced cigarettes and alcohol, don't eat what you buy and don't buy what you eat; People can't afford to eat what they send and don't want to eat what they collect. People's mentality has changed from liking moon cakes to being indifferent and tired of moon cakes today. At the same time, from the perspective of building a conservation oriented society, the formulation of moon cake economy is also inappropriate. In fact, the waste caused by moon cakes every year is very amazing, and the Chen stuffing event is one of the direct consequences

moon cakes have reached a historical turning point

on September 25, the Mid Autumn Festival, ordinary citizens' mood is relaxed, but the major hotels and food processing enterprises in Mianyang are beginning to be nervous: can they get a piece of the moon cake market this year? The weak sales made some moon cake manufacturers and sellers shudder. It is understood that in order to sell moon cakes, some enterprises set sales tasks for each employee, ranging from a few boxes to dozens of boxes. Many employees said that the answer to the external marketing was no, and the tasks were basically digested at their own expense and bought to give to relatives and friends. Some people predict that this year's moon cake market has reached a historical inflection point. If it's good, it's slightly profitable, and if it's bad, it's hard to close it. When visiting some enterprises and units, I learned that this year, many units do not plan to order moon cakes that fall out of favor for employees, but instead distribute fruits and cash as holiday gifts

according to the survey, in the huge moon cake market, big brands account for more than 80% of the high-end moon cake market, medium-sized moon cakes also account for more than 60% of the market, and some low-profile moon cake manufacturers account for less and less market share. Experts predict that the polarization will become more obvious this year. (Yao Maoqiang)

interview notes

hope that the piston and piston sleeve in the oil delivery valve of moon cakes are damaged or the tension spring is softened.

born in Zitong, the hometown of tribute cakes (Zitong crisp cakes were once sent to the imperial court as tribute cakes), I still clearly remember that when I was a child, almost to the Mid Autumn Festival, every household would make moon cakes, which would be given to relatives and friends in addition to eating at home. Although the food counters of rural supply and marketing cooperatives are also sold at a low price, everyone likes to eat their own hand-made food, because the production process is very tasty. Nowadays, there are still such old-fashioned handmade moon cakes in my hometown. Although they are cheap, they are especially delicious

I brought it specially when I returned to my hometown in the Mid Autumn Festival last year, and the production capacity has rapidly expanded to 582000 tons in 2014; But a box of moon cakes came back. The beautiful big round box was golden, and there were small packages of small iron boxes inside. Mother didn't want to eat such beautiful moon cakes, and especially invited some old people to taste them. After tasting them, everyone said: why is such a beautiful thing not delicious? When returning to the city, the mother stuffed two paper wrapped moon cakes into the bag, but after returning home, she let her son eat them all. The son asked: how can the moon cakes made by my mother-in-law taste better than those bought? In fact, moon cakes are just a kind of food. As long as they are delicious, why should they be so richly packaged? Although the gorgeous appearance adds value to the moon cake, it is still a moon cake, but the gorgeous appearance has become a tool for some people to make money

some economists pointed out that in fact, in addition to moon cakes, there are many ordinary means of living related to people's basic necessities of life, which need us to return them to their original shape, or insist on protecting their original shape, such as zongzi. From the government level

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