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When the traditional peak season comes, the price increase letter of coated paper will be issued again

[China Packaging News] March and April are the traditional peak seasons of cultural printing paper. Affected by this, recently, app, Shandong Chenming, Shandong sun and Shandong Huatai Paper Industry issued a price increase letter again, and they plan to raise the price of coated paper by 200 yuan/ton in the late days. The specific time of sending the letter is as follows:

this is the second time that the paper factory issued a price increase letter after the Spring Festival. It is understood that the mainstream of coated paper market after the festival is stable, and the downstream demand has not changed significantly. After judging that there are problems with the main swing bearing and disassembling it, the price consolidation is mainly used for the tension, contraction, zigzag and shear experiments of metal materials. Dealers' prices are mostly stable and mainly wait-and-see market

in view of this price increase, the paper mills have relatively strong synergy, and the attitudes of downstream operators are different. Some dealers and printing plants take a wait-and-see attitude towards this letter, and their intention to purchase a large amount and prepare for storage is not high, so they are mainly cautious and conservative. Some dealers are relatively optimistic, thinking that it is not difficult to increase the price, so they should purchase in advance and prepare for storage

to sum up, the price increase may be implemented, with a range of yuan/ton, but the duration of the price increase remains to be seen. In the long run, based on the current macro and market environment, it is expected that the coated paper market in 2019 will show a trend of fluctuation in the price range according to the traditional light and peak seasons of the market

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