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In the hot August, the pharmacopoeia committee continuously publicized the revised draft of "0212 general rules for expanding the market cost of paper packaging caused by the inspection of medicinal materials and decoction pieces, and 2341 method for the determination of pesticide residues", which involves the regulation of harmful and toxic substances in Chinese medicinal materials and decoction pieces. The most significant revision of the general rules is the addition of the limits of 5 heavy metals and harmful elements in medicinal materials and decoction pieces (plants) and the quantitative limit of 33 banned pesticides, and the provision that banned pesticides should not be detected (below the quantitative limit)

facing new challenges, Shimadzu company has now established a complete application solution to help relevant institutions and enterprises cope calmly

(I) heavy metal residues

plant traditional Chinese medicine is mostly used in roots, stems, leaves and fruits, and its quality is mainly related to its growth environment such as air, soil, water, etc. Due to the abuse of chemical fertilizers and pesticides and the discharge of industrial "three wastes", many Chinese herbal medicines are exposed to heavy metal pollution, even if we can't obtain the actual strength and toughness risk in the simulation. In addition, some heavy metal pollution may be introduced into Chinese medicinal materials during processing

the revised draft of general rule 0212 requires that, unless otherwise specified, the lead of medicinal materials and decoction pieces (plants) shall not exceed 5mg/kg, the cadmium shall not exceed 1mg/kg, the arsenic shall not exceed 2mg/kg, the mercury shall not exceed 0.2 mg/kg, and the copper shall not exceed 20 mg/kg; At the same time, the general rule "2321 determination of lead, cadmium, arsenic, mercury and copper" stipulates two detection methods: atomic absorption spectrophotometry and inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry. Shimadzu company should deal with the following:

determination of heavy metals and harmful elements in traditional Chinese medicine by icpms/aa method

Shimadzu labsolutions ICPMS software has a unique diagnostic assistant function, which can make a comprehensive judgment on the results based on the quality sensitivity, equivalent background concentration, interference and other factors of each element, make a judgment on best, good and ng, and give the corresponding diagnostic basis, It can greatly improve the analysis efficiency and ensure the accuracy of the analysis results

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