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Traditional lifting equipment enterprises cross-border Yufei heavy industry 1billion agriculture

traditional lifting equipment enterprises cross-border Yufei heavy industry 1billion agriculture

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Guide: digging for gold in the earth is being loved by all kinds of capital. Recently, Changyuan Yufei heavy industry group is preparing to cross the border. We have already set foot in the business sectors of hoisting, pipe piling, finance and real estate. This time, we are involved in agriculture to further realize the overall idea of obvious main business characteristics and diversified industrial development. Yufei heavy industry

digging gold in the earth is being loved by all kinds of capital. Recently, Changyuan Yufei heavy industry group is preparing to cross the border

"we have already set foot in the business sectors of hoisting, pipe piling, finance and real estate. This time, we are involved in agriculture to further realize the overall idea of obvious main industry characteristics and diversified industrial development." A female staff member of the president's office of Yufei heavy industry group said to

on April 28, Changyuan County People's government and Henan Xinchang Agriculture Co., Ltd. held a signing ceremony for the adjustable report situation of the large agricultural and sideline products wholesale market project in the border of Henan and Shandong. Guozhangxian, chairman of Henan Xinchang Agriculture Co., Ltd., said at the conference that this cooperation marks a key step for Changyuan in optimizing the industrial structure. Through the integration of Commerce and logistics industry, 4. Fatigue testing machine sensor: composed of sensitive elements and processing circuits, it will lead the transformation and upgrading of modern agriculture in Changyuan and Northern Henan

the wholesale logistics base of agricultural products (6.95, -0.03, -0.43%) with a total investment of 1.19 billion yuan and a centralized planning radius of 1 km to 3 km is invested and developed by the newly established subsidiary of Yufei heavy industry group, which has a history of 50 years

in fact, Changyuan crane is involved in agriculture, and Yufei heavy industry group is not the first to start. Weihua group and Henan mine have already entered the "farmland"

initial involvement in agriculture

this year, the external development environment of the equipment manufacturing industry is not optimistic. From the perspective of macroeconomic growth, economic growth has slowed down, market demand has declined, and price competition has intensified. In general, the equipment manufacturing industry must take the road of accelerating upgrading

"the development of large agricultural and sideline products wholesale market in Henan and Shandong is the first time for the group to set foot in agriculture, mainly due to the complementary advantages of auxiliary industries." Yufei heavy industry group said the above staff

Guo Zhangxian believes that the completion of the largest agricultural products wholesale logistics base in Henan Province will open a new page for the development of business services and modern agriculture in Changyuan county

it is understood that the project is located in Changcun Town, Puxi and Nanpu offices on the north and south sides of Dazhou Guangzhou Expressway and S308 road. With superior geographical location and convenient transportation, it is very suitable for the development of agricultural products wholesale and bulk logistics business

according to the information provided by Yufei heavy industry group, the construction content is summarized as "one park and two areas": "one park" includes agricultural and sideline products logistics park, comprehensive administrative area, business service area and transaction exhibition area; The "two areas" are the nursery stock and flower area and the agricultural means and tools area. The reasonable linkage of each section and the design without commercial blind spots have greatly improved the commercial value of the whole project. All major business types are clearly divided into regions, each has its own position, shares the source of tourists, and does not interfere with each other

after the whole project is put into operation, the annual operating income can reach 10billion yuan, and the annual profit and tax can reach 500million yuan, which will open up the green agricultural industry chain from "field" to "table"

complementary auxiliary industries

Yufei heavy industry group has two well-known brands, "Yufei" and "Tengsheng", which have become the symbol of China's lifting products with military quality. It is the only manufacturing enterprise of China's large carrier rocket project, satellite launch base project and lifting equipment of the Second Artillery Force

Liu Daoxing, vice president of Henan Academy of Social Sciences, believes that industrial enterprises will provide higher-grade socialized services for agriculture after they form capital, talent and management advantages, especially after controlling the market

for Xinxiang, a high-quality and high-yield area, the trend of large-scale development of agriculture urgently needs socialized, market-oriented and international infrastructure to support development, such as logistics

in recent years, through the implementation of new projects, Yufei heavy industry group is carrying out product structure adjustment. The proportion of high-performance automatic cranes, marine machinery and nuclear power products has increased from 30% to 70%, and the proportion of general cranes has decreased from 70% to 30%

in 2011, Changyuan county government formulated the implementation opinions on accelerating the development of modern agriculture during the 12th Five Year Plan period (hereinafter referred to as the opinions). The opinions points out that by the end of the 12th Five Year Plan, the modern agricultural structure of the county will be optimized and upgraded, agricultural benefits will be significantly improved, farmers' income will grow rapidly, and modern agricultural construction will leap to a new level

smelling the spring breeze of the policy, Yufei heavy industry group has completed the three-story main body of the office building and set foot in agriculture on the basis of the original plates such as hoisting, pipe piles, finance and real estate

abandon "industrial thinking"

Changyuan is located at the junction of Henan and Shandong, with developed transportation. Starting from Changyuan, a four hour drive to the surrounding area can radiate 500million people

at the signing ceremony on the same day, Wu Shengjun, the head of Changyuan County, said that in recent years, Changyuan has actively promoted the scale, standardization, branding and industrialization of agriculture, and vigorously developed characteristic and efficient agriculture

at present, Changyuan county has an annual output of 1.2 million tons of agricultural products and an output value of 43.6 billion yuan. It has developed 580000 mu of high-quality special wheat, 350000 mu of high-quality corn, 50000 mu of green rice, 80000 mu of green vegetables, 30000 mu of greenhouse vegetables, 13000 mu of American red grapes, 10000 mu of fruit trees, 67 mu of mushroom cultivation base, 10000 mu of winter jujube demonstration garden and other agricultural bases

"the construction of agricultural and sideline products logistics park in Changyuan county has unique advantages and development space, which has a strong driving effect on the circulation of agricultural and sideline products in the surrounding areas." Wu Shengjun introduced

Liu Daoxing said that it is difficult to achieve leapfrog development in agriculture by relying solely on the so-called farming energy of each household. Reifenhuser takes rethinking as the theme. It is a good phenomenon that some large enterprises that take the group development path, especially after having sufficient funds, turn to agriculture, which is also encouraged and supported by the state

he reminded that agricultural efficiency is low and the rate of return is not as high as that of industry, which puts forward higher requirements for enterprises engaged in agricultural production and management to reduce costs, respond quickly and occupy the market

for agricultural industrial enterprises, he believes that we must abandon "industrial thinking". We should not only strengthen confidence and look at the market, but also improve our ability to control the market

with the serious oversupply of investment in the industrial field, the rural population continues to flow into the city, and they have changed from the provider of agricultural products to consumers, and the appreciation space of the agricultural product market is becoming larger and larger. "The development of social non industrialization represents a trend in the future, and more capital will be invested in agriculture." Liu Daoxing believes

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