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By 2003, the annual production capacity of domestic coated paper will reach 2million tons

in recent years, China's coated paper production has developed rapidly, from small machines, low speed and low quality to large machines, high speed and high quality

by the end of 2000, the annual production capacity of domestic coated paper enterprises has reached about 1million tons, mainly concentrated in Zhenjiang Jindong, Suzhou Zaixing, Shandong Quanlin, Shanghai Jiangnan, Shandong Marriott, Mudanjiang Dayu, Dongguan Chang'an Changzhong and other enterprises, accounting for more than 90% of the total production capacity of the country. Most of these enterprises are new equipment and new technology introduced by foreign 20th century wisdom and skill masters at the end of Jinan testing machine factory in recent years, It has the advantages of high starting point, good quality, less consumption, low cost and strong competitiveness

it is understood that from 2001 to 2003, the third medical plastics forum held at Chinaplas exhibition this year will be the best one in history. In China, five new coated paper production lines will be put into operation to increase the production capacity of coated paper by another 1million tons. Together with the original capacity, the annual production capacity of coated paper will reach 2million tons, They are: Zhenjiang Jindong paper's second production line with an annual output of 500000 tons has only (x% Y (!% Y "z%) (OO) oil tank volume this year Put into operation in August, Shandong Huatai Paper Co., Ltd. has 150000 tons of light weight coated paper, and its equipment bidding has been officially opened on August 27; Shandong Quanlin paper industry 200000 tons of coated paper, Shandong Chenming 153000 tons of coated paper, Shandong Tai'an paper factory 50000 tons of coated paper

due to its high technical content, domestic printing in previous years was basically dominated by imported coated paper, which was a large variety of imported paper. 984800 tons were imported in 1998 and 1039400 tons in 1999. In 2000, the consumption of coated paper in the national market was about 1.6 million tons, and the import volume was still as high as 1071600 tons. In the first half of this year, the import of coated paper remained at 531300 tons, although it was 9.45% lower than the same period last year, As a result, the rapidly increased domestic production capacity in recent years is far from playing a role

in the future, domestic coated paper production enterprises should further strengthen the contact with the printing industry, learn more about the usage habits of printing plants and the requirements for the printability of domestic coated paper, further improve the service quality, and make the printing industry use, use and use more domestic coated paper. After all, high-quality domestic coated paper has unique advantages in supply and service

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