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The annual production capacity of the largest domestic special thermoplastic rubber device exceeded 60000 tons

recently, it was learned from Baling Petrochemical that in 2015, the annual production capacity of the largest domestic special thermoplastic rubber device and Baling Petrochemical's 60000 ton special thermoplastic rubber (lithium polymer) device exceeded 60000 tons, achieving the first annual production capacity standard since it was put into operation in September 2012 for more than three years

the 60000 ton/year special thermoplastic rubber plant of Baling Petrochemical synthetic rubber business department is constructed by using independent intellectual property technology. There are two production lines: SEBS with an annual output of 20000 tons and SIS with an annual output of 40000 tons. Some research results have entered the production and utilization stage line. The device integrates and applies proprietary technologies such as three kettle condensation technology, 80 cubic meter polymerization kettle polymerization technology, 80 cubic meter hydrogenation kettle hydrogenation technology, and post-treatment single machine process drying, which have reached the domestic leading level. A total of more than 20 energy-saving measures have been implemented for the experimental method of water absorption of rigid foamed plastics gb8810 (8) (iso2896 (6)), and energy-saving processes, technologies, equipment and materials have been widely used

in 2015, the synthetic rubber division took "strict, meticulous and solid" as the criterion, carefully organized production, optimized equipment operation, improved product quality, steadily tapped plant capacity, and promoted the overall compliance of the plant. SIS workshop strengthened the whole process control, and organized and implemented the news of China Securities on October 19 in a planned way throughout the year. The maintenance, defect elimination and technical transformation were more than 150 and the cost was relatively high; More than 20 equipment and process standardization operation systems have been formulated and standardized operation has been implemented. The product waste rubber rate has decreased from 0.218% last year to 0.155%, and the internal control qualification rate of SIS and SEBS conventional brand products is as high as 99%; Seven energy-saving and consumption reduction projects, including "sis to reduce circulating water consumption" and "SEBS coagulation production optimization", were implemented, and the annual energy-saving and consumption reduction value exceeded 6million yuan

in the past year, SIS workshop has continued to carry out monthly labor competitions with teams as units and the goal of "excellent quality and innovative high", ensuring the month by day, the season by month and the year by season. In October last year, the monthly output of the unit was 5772.8 tons, a record high. In November last year, the unit output of four shifts was 70.4 tons, a new high for the shift

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