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Through a series of reforms, the annual production capacity of Guangzhou No.1 paper factory has increased tenfold

the sales network has been extended to all cities in the Pearl River Delta. At the same time, the terminal sales enterprises that originally produced finished products have been upgraded to produce raw materials and semi-finished products, and color printing and downstream packaging enterprises have been vigorously supported

with such a reform, the annual production capacity of Hengsheng paper products has directly increased tenfold from 10million square meters. In order to comply with the market, the enterprise has also set up a research and development team to completely customize the products and become a local star enterprise

support downstream enterprises, and directly increase the annual production capacity from 10million square meters by 10 times

it is reported that Hengsheng paper was founded in 1994 by Lin Shuiqing's father. It has been 25 years since its development, and has gradually become a peer benchmark. It is an enterprise of the Standing Committee of Huidong County Federation of industry and Commerce (General Chamber of Commerce)

the company's products are mainly sold to Hong Kong and Taiwan enterprises, private enterprises in various regions of Guangdong and exported abroad in large quantities. It has won a good market reputation, and has passed the ISO9001 certification and the quality certification of export goods packaging containers of the China Quarantine Bureau. It is an export certification enterprise that can produce dangerous goods packaging

entering the 21st century, Hengsheng paper products has ushered in a critical period of survival and development. During this period, it has a new helm -- young general manager Lin Shuiqing. Lin Shuiqing is a typical post-80s generation, deeply influenced by Guangdong's reform and opening-up thought. After six years of hard work, he began to reform when he took over the family business

first of all, he broke the inherent thought at that time and extended the sales network of the enterprise to the cities in the Pearl River Delta, making the sales network more perfect and reasonable. Secondly, he changed the enterprise positioning, upgraded the terminal sales enterprises that were originally born so that consumers can choose the ideal products and finished products to the production of raw materials and semi-finished products, and vigorously supported color printing and downstream packaging enterprises

such reform has directly increased the number of enterprises that could produce packaging areas of 10million square meters per year by 10 times

the company now has 10 cardboard production lines, which can produce all kinds of packaging products.

Lin Shuiqing introduced that Hengsheng paper currently has 10 cardboard production lines, all kinds of paper production lines, multi-color printing and other production equipment, specializing in the production of a, B, C, e-pit corrugated paper products, dangerous packaging export goods cartons, color boxes, beer boxes, multi-layer corrugated cardboard, waxed boxes, all kinds of coating, gray cards, kraft linerboard and other packaging paper products

There are two processing methods of soybean protein biodegradable materials: one is wet processing

nowadays, conventional products can no longer meet the needs of the market, and personalized customization can better meet the tastes of consumers. Single finished product sales can no longer meet Lin Shuiqing's development requirements. Therefore, he is far sighted and invited experts in packaging design in the industry to set up a research and development team in the enterprise

Lin Shuiqing said, "we have set up an 8-person R & D team, in which the technical talents are professionals in the industry." This team is mainly responsible for the overall design of packaging, including materials, appearance design, etc., and completely customized the products produced by the enterprise, which has become the new core competitiveness of the enterprise

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